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Name Title Email / Phone Office Hours
Aarons, David Graduate Student
Archibald-Seiffer, Josh Graduate Student
Aung, Ne Myo Graduate Student
Baldwin, Kevin Graduate Student
Banks, Brenda Assistant Director for Graduate Advising
(206) 543-2726
MUS 116
Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Bergman, Luke Artist in Residence, Bass
(206) 543-1222
MUS 205
Bernard, Jonathan W. Chair, Music Theory; Professor
(206) 543-4889
MUS 16
Berry, Michael Lecturer MUS 335
Blegen, Matthew Graduate Student
Boers, Geoffrey Director of Choral Activities; Associate Professor
(206) 543-9212
MUS 222
Bowen, Jeffrey Graduate Student
Bozarth, George Professor; Brahms Archives
(206) 543-0400
MUS 225
Bracilano, Peter Production Manager
(206) 543-5910
MUS 25
Brockman, Michael Artist in Residence, Saxophone
(206) 616-6209
MUS 214
Broeder, Chelsea Visual Communication Specialist By appointment
Brooke, William Graduate Student
Bryant, William Fletcher Graduate Student
Byrdwell, Phyllis Artist in Residence; Director of UW Gospel Choir
Cady, Susan Piano Technician
(206) 380-4094
Campbell, Patricia Shehan Chair, Ethnomusicology; Professor
(206) 543-4768
Cappello, Laurie Graduate Student
Cleveland, Douglas Artist in Residence, Organ
(206) 543-1201
Cobb, Brian Lecturer
(206) 543-9878
MUS 335
Collier, Tom Chair, Percussion; Professor, Percussion
(206) 543-8259
Conley-Holcom, Leann Graduate Student
Corey, Charles Research Associate, Director of the Harry Partch Institute
Cowan, Lynn Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 19
Cronn, Curtis Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 113
Crusoe, Michael Artist in Residence, Timpani
Cruz, Julio Graduate Student
Day, Julia Graduate Student
DePue, Joanne Director of Marketing and Publicity
(206) 543-1186
MUS 111
Dudley, Shannon Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professor; Associate Professor
(206) 543-6308
Duffy, Sarah Lottie Graduate Student
Durand, Joël-François Associate Director, School of Music; Chair, Composition; Professor
(206) 543-1229
MUS 108
Eaton, Kaley Lane Graduate Student
Edwards, Anna Graduate Student
(206) 252-4948
Elias, Andre Graduate Student
Ellingson, Ter Professor of Music; Adjunct Professor of Comparative Religion, and South Asian Studies
(206) 543-7211
Ellis, Ryan Graduate Student
Fair, Jeffrey Artist in Residence, French Horn
(206) 604-0610
MUS 335
Fairchild, Roxanne Marketing and Publicity Assistant
Finkle, Jacob Graduate Student
Funes, Gina Artist in Residence; Vocal Performance for Non-Majors
(206) 543-1214
MUS 301
Gaenslen, Eric Artist in Residence, Cello MUS 211
Gordon, David Chair, Brass; Artist in Residence, Trumpet
(206) 685-2239
MUS 336
Halsey, Lauren Graduate Student
Hanford, John Lecturer MUS 25
Harper, Thomas Associate Professor, Voice
(206) 543-1219
MUS 311
Harreld, Nicole Lecturer, Part-time (MUSIC 185-Online)
Hodge, Huck Assistant Professor
(206) 543-1232
MUS 325
Huntleigh, Amanda G. Graduate Student
Johanson, Debi Graduate Student
Johns, Elena Assistant to the Director
(206) 543-2071
MUS 104
Johnson, Hilary Graduate Student
Karpen, Richard Director, School of Music; Aura Morrison Endowed Professor
(206) 543-2071
MUS 106
Kelsey, Philip Artist in Residence
Kern, Verletta Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 19
Kinzer, Joe Graduate Student
Kline, Rhonda Director of Accompanying; Artist in Residence
(206) 221-5126
Kolat, Sarah Graduate Student
Kolat, Yiğit Graduate Student
Korn, Steve Artist in Residence, Drums
(206) 543-9874
MUS 330
Kotlova, Lidia Graduate Student
Krimsky, Seth Artist in Residence, Bassoon
(206) 543-9260
MUS 324
Kumar, Anita Graduate Student
Lieberman, Barry Artist in Residence, Double Bass
(206) 685-9112
MUS 214
Loerke, Alison Time Schedule Program Coordinator
(206) 543-2145
MUS 102
Louie, Gary Media Maintenance
(206) 543-1218
MUS 32
Lu, Yang Graduate Student
Mansfield, Lisa Graduate Student
Mathews, Doug Administrator
(206) 543-2137
MUS 107
McCabe, Robin Chair, Keyboard; Professor, Piano
(206) 543-1223
MUS 204
McConnell, Bonnie Graduate Student
McDavid, Brad Director of Husky Marching Band
(206) 543-7383
Graves Bldg
McDonald, Dan Graduate Student
Mechell, Christopher Graduate Student
Miller, Dakota Graduate Student
Miller, Jennifer Grahl Assistant Director for Undergraduate Advising
(206) 543-8273
MUS 116
Mohr, Brenda Graduate Student
Morada, Jeremy Graduate Student
Morford, James B. Graduate Student
Morrison, Steven J. Chair, Music Education; Professor
(206) 543-8986
Mullaney, Ryan Graduate Student
Muzzolini Gordon, Valerie Artist in Residence, Harp
(206) 543-9466
MNY 56
Myklebust, Sonja Graduate Student
Nelson, Jennifer Artist in Residence, Clarinet
(206) 543-9260
MUS 324
O'Bent, Stephen Graduate Student
Olka, Christopher Artist in Residence, Tuba & Trombone
(206) 543-7840
MUS 336
Pampin, Juan Associate Professor of Composition; Director of DXARTS
(206) 616-6258
RAI 207
Partington, Michael Artist in Residence, Guitar
(206) 543-6939
MUS 10
Patterson, Ronald Professor, Violin
(206) 543-1227
MUS 210
Peragine, Linda Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 113
Peterson, Claire Office Manager
(206) 543-1201
MUS 102
Picard, Alexandra Graduate Student
Pogwizd, Leah Graduate Student
Poor, Ted Artist in Residence, Drums
(206) 543-9874
MUS 330
Radke, Fred Lecturer; Jazz (Big Band era)
(206) 543-1185
MUS 301
Ragan, Kari Artist in Residence, Voice; Voice Pedagogy; Vocal Health
(206) 543-1214
MUS 205
Rahbee, David Alexander Director, UW Symphony; Artist in Residence
(206) 543-1209
MUS 209
Rumph, Stephen Associate Professor
(206) 543-9403
MUS 26
Sakai, Michiko Secretary, Ethnomusicology and Music Education
(206) 543-5204
MUS 31
Salzman, Timothy Chair, Wind Ensemble Conducting; Professor
(206) 685-8050
MUS 217
Sargsyan, Alisa Graduate Student
Seales, Marc Professor, Jazz Piano
(206) 543-1231
MUS 14
Sercombe, Laurel Ethnomusicology Archives
(206) 543-0974
Sheppard, Craig Professor, Piano
(206) 543-1279
MUS 206
Shin, Donna Chair; Woodwinds; Assistant Professor, Flute
(206) 543-9877
MUS 207
Sieden, Cyndia Artist in Residence, Voice
Sinibaldi, Greg Artist in Residence, Saxophone
Solenberger, Victoria Graduate Student
Spicciati, Shannon Artist in Residence, Oboe
(206) 685-2239
MUS 50
by appointment
Starr, Larry Waters Endowed Professor
(206) 543-8348
MUS 331B
Mondays, 10:30-12:00
Stubbs, Stephen Director, Baroque Opera; Senior Artist in Residence
(206) 543-1230
MUS 105
Sunardi, Christina Associate Professor
(206) 543-0266
Szwyd, Matthew Graduate Student MUS 27
Taricani, JoAnn Chair, Music History; Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator
(206) 685-0569
MUS 18
Terry, Carole Professor, Organ and Harpsichord
(206) 543-1184
Tobiska, Julia Assistant Director for Admissions, Recruitment, and Community Outreach
(206) 685-9872
MUS 124
Prospective students are encouraged to make an appointment. Drop in hours: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 10:00am – 11:30pm and Tuesday & Thursday: 2:00 – 4:00pm
Todd, Colin Senior Computing Specialist
(206) 543-0543
Toomey, Michael T. Constituency Relations Officer
(206) 543-1221
MUS 109
Treseler, Steve Graduate Student
Tsou, Judy Head, Music Library; Affiliate Assistant Professor, Music History
(206) 543-1168
MUS 113
By Appointment
Valdes, Cristina Artist in Residence, Piano
Vu, Cuong Chair, Jazz Studies; Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor; Associate Professor MUS 7
Watras, Melia Chair, Strings; Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professor; Associate Professor, Viola
(206) 543-1233
MUS 202
Werner, Michael Artist in Residence, Percussion
Wood, Doug Piano Technician
(206) 935-5797
Wyers, Giselle Chair, Voice/Choral; Donald E. Petersen Fellow; Associate Professor
(206) 543-1398
MUS 319
Yang, Hye Jung (Helen) Graduate Student

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone Office
Anderson, Joseph Affiliate Assistant Professor, Composition
Dissanayake, Ellen Affiliate Professor, Music Education
Dubinets, Elena Affiliate Assistant Professor, Music History
Frisell, Bill Affiliate Professor
Morlot, Ludovic Chair, Orchestral Conducting; Affiliate Professor
Nevdahl, Martin Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Voice (from UW Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Roberts, Christopher Affiliate Assistant Professor, Music Education
Velinzon, Alexander Affiliate Associate Professor, Strings