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Throat scope
Professional singers study repertoire, diction, phrasing and dynamics, but how many also study ways to ensure the long-term health and vitality of their voices? At the University of Washington, Kari Ragan of the UW School of Music Voice faculty, a certified singing voice specialist, has been engaged in collaborative research in vocal health with faculty members and clinicians from the University’s School of Music, Otolaryngology, and Speech and Hearing Sciences departments.     They, along... Read more
Gramophone magazine's recent review of Faroese composer Sunlief Rassmussen's Symphony No. 2, "The Earth Anew" has special words of note for soprano and UW Music faculty artist-in-residence Cyndia Sieden, who sings the part of the messenger squirrel in a "thrilling performance" made possible by the composer, the Helsinki Philharmonic, and a consortium of foundations. Read more.  
Jazz Studies Professor Marc Seales is the Western Washington University 2017 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year for the College of Fine & Performing Arts. The longtime UW Music faculty member, a graduate of WWU’s music program, will be recognized, along with distinguished graduates of all of WWU’s colleges, in a ceremony at Western’s Bellingham campus on May 18. The awards, established in 1980, are the most prestigious honors bestowed by the Western Alumni Association on alumni and members... Read more
Patricia Campbell
School of Music faculty remain engaged in their areas of research at the University and around the world, whether in field studies, guest teaching, publication, or collaborations with professional peers. Patricia Campbell (Music Education, Ethnomusicology) While on sabbatical leave during 2016-17, Patricia Campbell (Music Education, Ethnomusicology) is engaged internationally in lectures and teaching residencies on topics... Read more
Christina Sunardi
 The American Musicological Society has awarded UW Ethnomusicology associate professor Christina Sunardi the Philip Brett Award for Stunning Males and Powerful Females, her study of gender and culture in East Javanese dance traditions published last year by University of Illinois Press. The award, announced recently in Vancouver at the society’s annual meeting, recognizes outstanding work in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual studies. Professor Sunardi’s study... Read more