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Magic Flute Dress Rehearsal
On the heels of a fine production of “Semele” in 2014, Pacific MusicWorks honcho Stephen Stubbs, professional singers and the UW School of Music are again joining forces to give students invaluable opera training. Read more in the Seattle Times.
The members of Tyrant Lizard (Ray Larsen, trumpet, Gregg Beslisle-Chi, guitar, Carmen Rothwell, bass) are all involved in the University Of Washington’s Improvised Music Project.  When they came to KPLU for a live studio session, they immediately stated their improvisational intentions by beginning the show with a gorgeous version of Don’t Fence Me In.  (So the first thing we knew about the band was that they have a sense of humor.)  ... Read more
A marimba sized for a giant. Suspended glass domes, artfully arranged. A Chromelodeon, a Kithara, and a Harmonic Canon.  These are just a few of the one-of-a-kind instruments that inventive composer Harry Partch (1901-1974) created to bring his music to life.  Read more in the April issue of Arts and Sciences Perspectives.  
The School of Music presents three opportunities to get up close with the music and handmade instruments of 20th century American composer Harry Partch May 11, 26, and 27 at the UW's Meany Hall. Learn more about the composer and how his collection of instruments landed at the University of Washington in this article from UW Today.  ...
Expect a most contemporary interpretation in Dan Wallace Miller and Karen Hartman’s new translation of The Magic Flute, the second in an ongoing collaboration between the UW School of Music and Seattle production company Pacific MusicWorks running at Meany Theater May 8-10. Miller, a UW Drama alumnus who has made a name for himself locally with his fledgling ... Read more