Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the UW School of Music

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The members of the UW School of Music are committed to engaging freely in the scholarly and artistic conversations with respect for one another’s diverse views and experiences. We want to serve as a source of innovative ideas and accomplishments in music, while also establishing a climate that promotes respect for the contributions of all members of our community.

The School of Music community is fully aware that our country and university face a critical moment in U.S. history that requires more than words. We realize that it is imperative to recognize that Black Lives Matter, and that we must join in all efforts to affirm the need to bring visibility to artists and musicians who carry the identity of BIPOC, AAPI, or any culture whose voices and contributions have been submerged. We will use the expressions of musical art, coursework, and research to communicate the issues of antiracism, and through programming and curriculum will center and recognize the labor of people of color, and highlight the histories that have brought us to this point and the structures that have to be dismantled. We acknowledge that this is challenging work: it demands continuous care, time, and an enduring commitment to education on the part of faculty and students. The School of Music commits to making our campus and department community more inclusive and equitable for all people. In 2020-21, through our online performances and courses, this work took the form of musical programming that included a higher proportion of composers of color and female composers; more actively taking diversity and equity more actively into account in admission to the School of Music; working with graduate students on preparing statements on diversity; requiring anti-bias training for search committees for faculty positions; requiring diversity statements from faculty applying for positions within the School of Music; expanding courses to include more components of diversity and equity, composers of color, and issues of inclusion and bias.

The School of Music is committed to providing support to anyone who has experienced any form of harassment or discrimination that impedes one’s right to a safe work or learning environment. The School and University have compiled a list of resources for obtaining assistance in reporting any form of harassment. Also below are resources that will assist in building diverse musical programs.

UW School of Music

Associate Director, Professor Joel Durandoversight of academic issues and contact for issues related to courses and grading. Contact: jdurand@uw.edu.

Student diversity liaison, Professor Giselle Wyerscontact for issues related to incidents that present problems of bias, diversity, equity and inclusion. Contact: wyersg@uw.edu.

Campus-wide contacts and information

Bias Incident Reporting Tool

Office of the Ombud

The UW Diversity Blueprint

Resources for building diverse musical programs and for learning more about the issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and access in academe:

Resources related to music of BIPOC musicians and composers (McGill University)—excellent list of resources organized by musical fields:

Lists of pieces by BIPOC composers, organized by instrument and ensemble (McGill University):

The African Diaspora Music Project

Institute for Composer Diversity

Musical Resources for Diversity, Equity, and Antiracism (Tufts University)

Please send additions to this list to muhst@uw.edu