People - Staff


Photo Name Title Email Phone Office
Faculty composer Richard Karpen. Photo: Steve Korn Richard Karpen Director, School of Music; Aura Morrison Endowed Professor (206) 543-2071 MUS 106
Faculty composer Joël-François Durand. Photo: Steve Korn. Joël-François Durand Associate Director, School of Music; Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor, Composition (206) 543-1229 MUS 108
Elena Johns Assistant to the Director (206) 543-2071 MUS 104
Doug Mathews Doug Mathews Administrator (206) 543-2137 MUS 107
JoAnn Taricani, professor of Music History JoAnn Taricani Chair, Music History; Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator (206) 685-0569 MUS 18
Joanne DePue headshot Joanne DePue Director of Marketing and Publicity (206) 543-1186 MUS 111
Emma Vice Emma Vice Constituency Relations Officer (206) 685-6997 Russell Hall, Suite 350

Advising and Admissions

Photo Name Title Email Phone Office
Brenda Banks Graduate Program Advisor; Assistant Director for Student Services (206) 543-2726 MUS 116
Leann Martin Leann Martin Assistant Director for Undergraduate Advising (206) 543-8273 MUS 116
Katie Hollenbach Katie Beisel Hollenbach Assistant Director for Admissions, Recruitment, and Community Outreach (206) 685-9872 MUS 124

Libraries and Archives

Photo Name Title Email Phone Office
Lynn Cowan Music Library (206) 543-1168 MUS 19
John Vallier John Vallier Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology Curator (206) 616-1210 Suzzallo 370
Erin Conor Erin Conor Head, Music Library (206) 685-3140 MUS 113
David Frappier Music Library (206) 543-3941 MUS 19
Dylan Burns Arts and Humanities Librarian (206) 685-8926 MUS 19

Marketing and Publicity

Photo Name Title Email Phone Office
Joanne DePue headshot Joanne DePue Director of Marketing and Publicity (206) 543-1186 MUS 111
Ben Korn Ben Korn Marketing and Publicity Assistant
Timothy Timothy Little Graduate Student, Marketing Assistant MUS 109
Cory Hiraiwa, visual design specialist Socorro (Cory) Hiraiwa Visual Design Specialist (206) 543-1221 MUS 109

Other Staff

Photo Name Title Email Phone Office
Doug Wood Piano Technician (206) 935-5797 MUS 12B
Colin Toddy, computer specialist Colin Todd Senior Computing Specialist (206) 543-0543 MUS 105
Michiko Sakai Senior Secretary (206) 543-5204 MUS 31
Claire Peterson Office Manager (206) 543-1201 MUS 102
Gary Louie Media Maintenance (206) 543-1218 MUS 32
Doug Niemela Doug Niemela Concert Production and Sound Manager
Devina Wijawa Devina Wijaya Program Support Supervisor, Brechemin Auditorium Manager, Time Scheduling MUS 102
Oliver Kou, front office assistant Oliver Kou Front Office Assistant MUS 102
Jack Lofton, Piano Tech Jack Lofton Piano Tech 12B