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    The Quad, UW Seattle Campus
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  • UW music students at orchestra rehearsal.
    UW music students at orchestra rehearsal.
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  • UW music student in rehearsal with the Wind Ensemble.
    UW music student in rehearsal with the Wind Ensemble.
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    Trombone students practicing outside the Music Building.


Welcome to a world of discovery and enrichment. The University of Washington School of Music is a community of musicians and scholars with interests as diverse as their backgrounds. Our scholars come to UW from throughout the country and the world to study myriad aspects of music from early to experimental, each one committed to forging a distinct musical pathway from more than 30 degree programs.

Conducting their studies in a conservatory-like learning environment, our students discover peerless opportunities—to tap into the vast resources of the UW’s research enterprise, to play and sing in some of the city’s top performance venues, and to learn and be inspired by the region’s great musicians.

As a student here, you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere that encourages individual discovery. Guided by our internationally acclaimed faculty, you will encounter myriad avenues of artistic expression.

You will learn as well from your classmates, whose interests are as eclectic as their backgrounds. You may find yourself enrolled in a musicology seminar alongside a student from Russia studying piano performance, a graduate student in conducting from the Middle East, or a composer raised in up-state New York.  You may play in one of our performance ensembles with an undergraduate music education student from eastern Washington or an up-and-coming ethnomusicologist from Jamaica.

Whatever your course of learning, the musical connections you make here will enrich you now and throughout your life—in music and beyond. We invite you to join us!

Please contact us with questions about admissions at or 206.685.9872; or attend a free Information Session to learn more.

Note: Live information sessions will resume in January 2022. Until then, please enjoy a pre-recorded School of Music information session and send any questions you may have about the School of Music to

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Non Major Opportunities

If you are a student of another area of study who values music and wants to make it a part of your college experience, you can!  Whether you are interested in pursuing a double major in music and another field, a minor in music, or want to simply be involved in one of our numerous ensembles, there are many options to explore as a non music major. Whatever your goals and interests, follow the links below and email to learn more.

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