People - Faculty, by Last Name

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Joseph Adam, organ
Artist in Residence, Organ
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Composition
Chair, Music Theory; Professor
MUS 16
(206) 543-4889
Marisol Berrios-Miranda
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology
Lecturer, Music Theory
MUS 335
Geoffrey Boers
Director of Choral Activities; Ruth Sutton Waters Endowed Professor
Office Hours: Open, by appointment
MUS 222
(206) 543-9212
Artist in Residence, Saxophone
MUS 50
(206) 616-6209
Phyllis Byrdwell
Artist in Residence; Director of UW Gospel Choir
Patricia Campbell
Chair, Music Education; Professor, Music Education, Ethnomusicology
Office Hours: By appointment, except in the case of regular PhD research student appointments
(206) 543-4768
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Composition; Director, Harry Partch Instrumentarium
MUS 21
Artist in Residence; Director, Baroque Ensemble
Affiliate Professor, Music Education
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Music History
Ethnomusicology professor Shannon Dudley (Photo: Steve Korn).
Professor, Ethnomusicology
(206) 543-6308
Faculty composer Joël-François Durand. Photo: Steve Korn.
Associate Director, School of Music; Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor, Composition
MUS 108
(206) 543-1229
Artist in Residence, French Horn
Office Hours: By Appointment
MUS 335
(206) 604-0610
guitarist Bill Frisell
Affiliate Professor, Jazz Studies
Gina Funes
Lecturer; Vocal Performance for Non-Majors
MUS 301
(206) 543-1214
David Gordon, trumpet
Chair, Brass; Artist in Residence, Trumpet
MUS 336
(206) 685-2239
Artist in Residence, Harp
MNY 56
(206) 543-9466
Michelle Habell-Pallán
Adjunct Professor, Ethnomusicology
(206) 543-6981
Lecturer, Music History
MUS 25
Associate Professor, Voice
MUS 324
(206) 543-1219
Paul Harshman, big band director
Artist in Residence, Jazz Studies (Big Band)
Faculty Composer Huck Hodge
Chair, Composition; Professor
Office Hours: ON LEAVE UNTIL 2020-2021
MUS 325
(206) 543-1232
Faculty composer Richard Karpen. Photo: Steve Korn
Director, School of Music; Aura Morrison Endowed Professor
MUS 106
(206) 543-2071
Jonathan Kertzer
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology
Director of Accompanying; Artist in Residence
(206) 221-5126
Composer Yigit Kolat
Lecturer, Composition; Alumnus
Artist in Residence, Bassoon
MUS 337
(206) 543-9260
Rachel Lee Priday, violin
Assistant Professor, Violin
MUS 22
(206) 221-8470
Barry Lieberman (Photo: Steve Korn).
Artist in Residence, Double Bass
MUS 330
(206) 685-9112
Professor, Piano
MUS 204
(206) 543-1223
Director of Husky Marching Band
Graves Bldg
(206) 543-7383
Albert Merati
Adjunct Professor, Voice (from UW School of Medicine)
Martin Nevdahl
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Voice (from UW Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences)
(206) 543-3384
Kerry O' Brien headshot
Lecturer, Music History
Ruth Sutton Waters Endowed Professor, Composition; Director, DXARTS
RAI 207
(206) 616-6258
Michael Partington, guitar studies chair
Artist in Residence, Guitar
Office Hours: By appointment
MUS 10
(206) 543-6939
Professor, Violin
MUS 210
(206) 543-1227
Assistant Professor, Drums
MUS 311
(206) 543-9874
Lecturer; Jazz (Big Band era); Honorary Director, UW Big Band
MUS 301
(206) 543-1185
Kari Ragan
Artist in Residence, Voice; Voice Pedagogy; Vocal Health
MUS 330
(206) 543-1214
David Alexander Rahbee
Director, UW Symphony; Chair, Orchestral Conducting; Senior Artist in Residence
Office Hours: By appointment
MUS 209
(206) 543-1209
Christopher Roberts, Music Ed
Lecturer, Music Education
Mark Rodgers, lecturer in Music History
Lecturer, Music History
Music History Professor Stephen Rumph. Photo: Steve Korn
Associate Professor, Music History
MUS 26
(206) 543-9403
Chair, Wind Ensemble Conducting; Professor
MUS 217
(206) 685-8050
Huib Schippers
Affiliate Professor, Music Education
Marc Seales
Professor, Jazz Piano
MUS 14
(206) 543-1231
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology
(206) 543-0974
Chair, Keyboard; Professor, Piano
MUS 206
(206) 543-1279
Donna Shin
Chair; Woodwinds; Associate Professor, Flute
Office Hours: By appointment
MUS 207
Artist in Residence, Voice
MUS 210
Christina Sunardi
Chair, Ethnomusicology; Associate Professor; Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professor
(206) 543-0266
JoAnn Taricani, professor of Music History
Chair, Music History; Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator
MUS 18
(206) 685-0569
Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir
Assistant Professor, Cello; Strings Chamber Music Coordinator
MUS 205
Librarian Emeritus; Affiliate Assistant Professor, Music History (Retired)
Office Hours: By Appointment
Cristina Valdés, piano
Artist in Residence, Piano; Director, Modern Music Ensemble
MUS 211
John Vallier
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology Curator
Office Hours: By appointement
Suzzallo 370
(206) 616-1210
Chair and Professor, Jazz Studies; Floyd and Delores Jones Endowed Chair in the Arts
Chair, Strings; Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professor; Professor, Viola
MUS 202
(206) 543-1233
Bonnie Whiting
Chair, Percussion Studies; Assistant Professor
Chair, Voice/Choral; Professor, Choral Conducting
Office Hours: listed on syllabi and by appointment
MUS 319
(206) 543-1398
Bell Yung, Ethnomusicology
Affiliate Professor, Ethnomusicology