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Steven Morrison
We all have that song—the piece of music that gets us moving in the morning. The one that taps a hidden reserve of energy during a workout in pursuit of a personal best or which settles the nerves at the end of a stressful day. It’s the one that really takes you back, spurs you forward, or otherwise sets the mind wandering—evoking flights of fantasy or specific memories from times bygone. “Music acts on us as much as we act on it,” says Steven Morrison, professor of music and chair of Music... Read more
Marcel Tabuteau by Laila Storch
Marcel Tabuteau was a world-renowned oboist for decades with the Philadelphia Orchestra and a professor at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in that city. He is considered the founder of the American school of oboe playing. Laila Storch is a professor emerita in the University of Washington School of Music, and a highly respected oboist who studied with Tabuteau at the institute and has... Read more
Faculty Composer Huck Hodge
The American Academy of Arts and Letters has named UW faculty composer Huck Hodge the recipient of the Charles Ives Living, the largest monetary award granted exclusively to American composers. Honoring mid-career composers of unheralded acclaim, the cash award of $200,000 enables—and in fact requires—the recipient to “quit his day job” for a two-year period in order to focus solely on composing, a luxury not afforded Ives himself, who composed the body of his work in relative obscurity while... Read more
The UW's Littlefield Organ
Tucked into one corner of UW's Kane Hall, the main lecture building on campus, is the Walker-Ames Room which is home to a little-known musical treasure - UW's Littlefield organ. Professor of music, Carole Terry, shares the history of this special organ and the concerts where you can hear it in action. View Episode on YouTube  
“American Sabor: Latinos and Latinas in US Popular Music,” by Marisol Berríos-Miranda, Shannon Dudley and Michelle Habell-Pallán
Popular exhibit on Latino music debuts as a book: A Q&A with UW faculty authors of ‘American Sabor’   UW News When “American Sabor” opened at what was then the Experience Music Project a decade ago, its University of Washington creators... Read more