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Programs & Courses

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The School of Music at the University of Washington is a comprehensive professional school offering both performance and research-oriented degree programs. There are over 500 music majors pursuing the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Master of Arts, Master of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy. In addition, many students who are not majors take private instruction or participate in an ensemble for their own enjoyment.

Degree programs in the School of Music take into consideration the dual nature of music. First, music is a creative art requiring constant renewal through the efforts of composers, performers, and teachers. Second, it is a branch of the humanities, subject to scholarly study and interpretation of its theoretical concepts and historical development. Advanced study at the graduate level offers students a rich environment in which to pursue studies in either the performance or academic area in greater depth.

Admissions and Auditions

Admission to any of the School of Music programs is a two-step process: 1. Application to the UW and 2. Auditions.  Visit the Admissions & Auditions section to learn about application procedures, audition dates, and suggested audition repertoire.

Undergraduate Programs

The School of Music offers Bachelor of Music degrees, Bachelor of Arts degrees, and a music minor.  Visit the Undergraduate Programs page to learn about the degree offerings and program requirements.

Graduate Programs

The School of Music offers Master of Arts, Master of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, and a Theory Certificate.  Visit the Graduate Programs page to learn about the program offerings and requirements.


Visit our Courses page to learn about current, upcoming, and past course offerings.

Non-Majors, Non-matriculated, Access, and Public Learning

The School of Music offers a multitude of opportunities for learning and performance open to UW students in all majors across campus.  There are also options for non-degree students, Access program students, and the public.  See the Non-Major Opportunities page to learn more.

Study Abroad

The School of Music does not officially sponsor any programs, but we encourage our students to seek study abroad opportunities through UW's International Programs & Exchange.

Summer Study

Learn about summer-time opportunities such as the Smithsonian Workshop in World Music Pedagogy and the Seattle Piano Institute on the Summer Study page.