Centers and Labs

The goal of our lab is to explore the processes of music learning, both formal and informal, and how they are shaped by culture, biology and experience. Through the methods of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience we hope to better define the role of culture and context in shaping how people hear and understand the music of their time and place. We also seek to clarify how music cognition and learning shape and are shaped by the structures and functions of the brain.  To learn more, visit the Cognition, Culture & Learning Lab website.
DXARTS performance
The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS), an interdisciplinary degree-granting center designed to support the emergence of a new generation of hybrid artists. DXARTS fosters the invention of new forms of digital and experimental arts by synthesizing expanded studio research with pioneering advances in digital computing, information technologies, performance, science, and engineering. Embracing an expansive range of arts practice, theory, and research across multiple disciplines, DXARTS creates opportunities for artists to discover and document new knowledge and expertise in an evolving field of media arts.