Undergraduate & Graduate Auditions

Entrance and Scholarship Auditions

Your performance audition will be limited in length to 10 to 15 minutes. Voice and Music Education auditions require additional evaluation. Please review Suggested Audition Repertoire to plan for your audition for  your intended major. You may contact the studio faculty with questions regarding audition repertoire. Please contact SoMadmit@uw.edu with any other questions or concerns. See below for further information regarding video auditions. 

Scholarships are awarded yearly following the January and February auditions. Students who are pursuing degrees in performance will automatically be considered for scholarship at the time of their audition.  
All auditions are for entrance in Fall Quarter.  

Once you have submitted your UW application, please sign up for a School of Music audition online: music.washington.edu/audition-sign-ups

Students interested in the BA Music History, BA Music Theory, or BM Composition should contact SoMadmit@uw.edu for more information.

New Major and Faculty Lesson Auditions (for current UW students only) - Fall 2021 entrance

Audition Type Location Date
New Major and Faculty Lesson Auditions
(for current UW students only)
Fishbowl September 24, 2021

New Student Audition Dates - Fall 2022 entrance

Audition Type Location Date
Instrumental Entrance Auditions (all areas except voice, music education, piano, violin, classical string bass, percussion, jazz, guitar, & harp) Fishbowl January 8, 2022
Choral Conducting Auditions By invitation. Learn More TBD
Instrumental & Vocal Entrance Auditions (all areas except viola & cello)

Fishbowl January 22, 2022
Instrumental & Vocal Entrance Auditions (all areas)

Fishbowl February 5, 2022

For more details on non-major auditions and other opportunities or questions about audition dates, please email SoMadmit@uw.edu.

Video Auditions

Participating in live auditions is preferred for many reasons. Not only does it allow prospective students to experience the UW School of Music in person, it also allows our faculty to get to know you as an individual and to assess your musicianship and potential in a one-on-one setting. However, while in-person auditions are highly encouraged, if you are unable to attend a live audition with School of Music faculty, you have the option to audition via video. 

To submit your audition video, please click below on the link labeled Submit your Digital Audition. Repertoire requirements for recorded auditions are the same as for live auditions. If you have detailed questions about audition requirements for your instrument, please contact the primary instructor or program chair of your intended major.

PLEASE NOTE: Video auditions are not accepted for current UW students auditioning in September.

Video audition uploads will be accepted between November 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022.

Submit Your Digital Audition

Ensemble Auditions

Please visit the Ensemble Auditions page for detailed information on audition procedures. 

Please contact us with questions about admissions at SoMadmit@uw.edu or 206.685.9872