University Singers

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NO AUDITION needed for University Singers.
STEP 1: Fill out Choir Info Form
STEP 2: Use the UW Class Schedule to Register

University Singers: MUSEN 100A (NO ADD CODE)
MW: 3:30–4:50p; Music Bldg. 126 (Mondays) and 213 (Wednesdays)
SLN: 18782

The Uni­ver­sity Singers is open to all, whether you like to sing in the shower or on the stage! This choral ensem­ble is the largest and most diverse choir on campus. This ensem­ble can help you learn about the basics of beau­ti­ful, healthy singing. You don’t need an audi­tion — just show up at rehearsal and join in!


If you’d like to sing with the University Singers, there is no audi­tion nec­es­sary.  Sim­ply come to the first day of classes.

Contact: Marshell at for information about joining.