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Erin Bodnar


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DMA, Wind Conducting, University of Washington, 2013

The experience of sharing a musical performance with an ensemble, as a conductor, is like no other.  An intimate and powerful connection is created as we perform the music we have rehearsed for our attentive audience.  It is an absolute joy to conduct the Symphonic Band at Graceland University – I hope that if you played in your high school band, you will consider playing with the GU Symphonic Band!

My main instrument is the bassoon, although I played quite a few before deciding on that one.  I enjoy playing chamber music, particularly reed trio and woodwind quintet repertoire.  I also accompany students at Graceland University on piano and teach an array of music courses, including: conducting, music education, form and analysis, piano proficiency, and applied lessons.

My research interests center in conducting pedagogy and movement awareness.  Working with novice conductors, I noticed that many students seemed unaware of their bodies and movements.  Using motor cognition to understand awareness of goal-directed actions and looking at somatic education in dance training, I hope to refine the teaching of conducting to help students to become more intentional with their movements and gestures. 

If I’m not making or teaching music, I am probably exercising!  I am an avid runner, having run 21 marathons.  I am also certified as a Les Mills BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyAttack and CXWORX instructor.