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THEME Lecture: James Morford and Aaron David

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 3:30pm
FREE and open to the public
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A colloquium of UW faculty, guest lecturers, and students of Theory, History, Ethnomusicology, Music Education

 James B. Morford (PhD in Ethnomusicology from UW) & Aaron David (performer, educator, and researcher specializing in Mandé drumming music)

Lecture: Introduction to the swing spectrum: A general model for understanding rhythm in Mandé music 

This presentation provides an introduction to a novel theoretical model for understanding and performing rhythm in Mandé music, with particular emphasis on dance-drumming. The swing spectrum model compliments and extends existing theories regarding rhythm in Mandé music, most notably the work on non-isochronous beat subdivisions by ethnomusicologist Rainer Polak. The presenters will address fundamental aspects of the swing spectrum, elaborate on the model’s usefulness for understanding a variety of ensemble performances and improvisational techniques, and summarize some potential values of the logic suggested by this theoretical perspective for teachers and students of Mandé music performance, ethnomusicologists, music educators, music historians, music theorists, and composers. 

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