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Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Concert Paco Díez: Music from Spain

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 7:30pm
Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Paco Díez
Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Paco Díez.

Fall Quarter Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Paco Díez, considered one of the most important musicians in Judeo-Spanish music, is joined by his students in this performance of Sephardic and Castilian folk music.

Artist Bio: Paco Díez

Born into a family of farm-workers in the heart of Castille, singer and multi-instrumentalist Paco Díez was raised to feel and to think in the manner of the rural world in which he lived, at a time when folk traditions were beginning to disappear. He is celebrated today as one of the major exponents of both the Spanish Romancero and Sephardic music, as well as the traditional music of Castilla y León. Recognized in 2007 by Autoridad Nacional del Ladino for his work in performing and diffusing Sephardic music, he is the recipient of numerous awards in Spain and France, including the Medaille d’Argent et Palme, awarded in Paris in 2017. This is his second residency with the University of Washington as an Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist.