James C. Carlsen Lecture: Alexandra Kertz-Weizel

Friday, February 28, 2020 - 3:30pm
Music Building Room 101 - Google Map
Alexandra Kerz-Weizel
Alexandra Kerz-Weizel delivers the 2020 James C. Carlsen Lecture on Feb.

Alexandra Kertz-Weizel, Professor and Chair of Music Education at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat in Munich, Germany delivers the 2020 James C. Carlsen Lecture: "Globalizing Music Education, Revisited."

Abstract: Globalizing Music Education, Revisited

 Globalization and internationalization are significant factors in today’s world and have an impact on music education. So far, no concept in music education has addressed this topic comprehensively. This presentation, which is based on a book published by Indiana University Press in 2018, offers a conceptual framework helping to understand, evaluate and shape internationalization and globalization regarding music education in a culturally sensitive way. It presents a new vision for transforming music education internationally in terms of a united and inclusive, yet diverse global music education community. By acknowledging different music education and research cultures, this vision challenges the current state of international music education and higher education. It emphasizes the need for developing a pluralistic mode of thinking in music education, while underlining our shared foundations and goals. By using an interdisciplinary approach, utilizing concepts from related areas of research, such as comparative education, policy studies, sociolinguistics, or business studies, this presentation opens up new perspectives on how to address globalization and internationalization with regard to music education. It presents a new vision of how the global music education community could look like in terms of a culturally sensitive community.

Bio: Alexandra Kertz-Welzel

A graduate of Saarland University, PhD in Musicology, Professor Kertz-Welzel is author of Globalizing Music Education (2018, Indiana University Press); Patriotism and Nationalism in Music Education (2012, Ashgate); and her habilitacion, written under the supervision of Professor Patricia Shehan Campbell, on Every Child for Music: Musikpadagogik un Musikunterricht in den USA (2006). Her specializations include aesthetics in literature and music during the early romanticism of the 19th century, as well as music education policy in Germany, community music, and transcultural childhoods.

James C. Carlsen Lecture

The James C. Carlsen Lecture was established in 2008 of honor of the former UW Professor of Systematic Musicology and Music Education. Past Carlsen lecturers are Ian Cross (Cambridge University), Jessica Grahn (University of Western Ontario), David Huron (The Ohio State University), Laurel Trainor (McMaster University), and Aaron Williamon (Royal College of Music, London). This biennial event in the School of Music Fish Bowl (Music Building Room 101) is followed by a reception in honor of Professor/Dr. Kertz-Welzel.