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Helpful Information

Who to Contact

Contact the following School of Music staff members for assistance with relevant school-related matters:

Main Office
Room 102
For room reservations, office supply requests, practice room, Brechemin Auditorium and Fishbowl keys, concert program assistance, transportation arrangements, department purchasing,

Elena Johns
Room 104
Faculty, ASE payroll

Jenifer Moreland
Room 107
Building coordinator; budget and scholarship management; staff supervisor; staff HR and payroll 

Joanne De Pue
Room 111
Concert publicity (School of Music ticketed events), website calendar listings, School of Music news and information, faculty, student, and alumni updates for school newsletters, School of Music communications

Colin Todd
Room 105
Computer hardware and software issues; technical support

Gary Louie
Room 32
Media maintenance; concert recordings; audio-visual needs

Room 102
Purchasing, travel, concert programs, office supplies
Room 102
Course scheduling, room reservations, degree recitals, event staffing, Brechemin and practice room keys


In the event of an emergency, call 911. 
To call UW Police for non-emergencies, call 206-625-UWPD

On-Campus:         Dial the last five digits of the number. 
Off-Campus:      Dial '9', then 1 + area code + number (area code is necessary)
More information can be found here.

Fax Machine

The School of Music sends and receives faxes via the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service. Please contact the Main Office ( if you need to sent or receive a fax. The incoming fax number is 206.685.9499.


Your mail should be addressed to:

[Your Name]
School of Music, Box 353450
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate T.A. Mailboxes
Mail for faculty, staff, and graduate student TAs is sorted into mailboxes located in the hallway outside the main office (across from the Copy Room near the Fishbowl).  You may access these boxes from the hallway via your mailbox key (consult the mailbox directory on the door for your mailbox location), or inside the main office (no key required) during regular office hours. 

Outgoing Mail
A wooden box for outgoing mail is located in the administrative hallway near the faculty mailboxes, with slots for campus mail, stamped first class mail and unstamped first class mail. Mail pickup/delivery occurs each weekday morning at around 9 a.m.   To mail large or bulky items, please bring your items to the main office during regular business hours. 

Express Mail (FedEx, UPS, Etc.)
Items mailed via Non-USPS Carriers should be addressed to:

[Your name]
School of Music
Music Building
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

Oversized packages will be left in the locked compartment under the mailboxes if they do not fit within your mailbox, or in the main office.  A note will be left in your mailbox with directions for pickup.

Copy Machines
Copy machines for the Music Building are located in MUS 103. Faculty, staff, and graduate student TAs can also print to and scan from these machines.  A copier code is required for use of these machines.

Copier codes may be obtained from Jenifer Moreland.

UW NetID Account

UW Email Account
Our Departmental Administrator will provide a code for you, as a new employee, to allow you to access the UW Net ID. For more information or to set up a UW email account go to

After you have set up the UW Net ID, the next step is to set up your Homer (email) account:

Alternative NetID Accounts
If you have need of another NetID for an individual or a group, please see the options below:

Shared accounts are used when a number of people want to share the same UW NetID.

Temporary/Visitor accounts provide a visitor or guest with access to UW’s wireless networks. Current faculty or staff can create a temporary account for their guests.

Sponsored accounts are for individuals who are not otherwise eligible for a UW NetID and may be sponsored by any current UW faculty or staff member.

Change in Personal Contact Information

To ensure accurate records, please keep your personal information in Workday up to date. You may also change this information at:

Students also need to contact the registrar's office and inform them of any address changes. Classified staff, senior fellows and others who receive benefits need to email the benefits office ( to alert them of the change.


The University has specific procedures that cover both the placing of travel reservations and the methods for reimbursement of expenses incurred while traveling.  Check with Jenifer Moreland before making your plans for specifics pertaining to your situation.


Before you surplus any equipment, please see the main office. All inventory equipment requires special paperwork in order to surplus, and inventory equipment and computers must be accounted for in our department databases.

Please contact the main office before disposing of any equipment!!


Purchases for the school are handled by TJ Carbary in the main office.  Please contact TJ if you need something purchased on your behalf.  Do not purchase anything without prior approval from authorized staff. The budget number to be charged must be approved by the administrator prior to purchase. 

Purchases of office supplies are batched to reduce paperwork. Please contact TJ to request a specific item – and hopefully not at the last minute.

Getting to Know Your Surroundings in Music

The Music Building (MUS) is the primary building in which the School of Music is located.  The Main office is located in MUS 102, on the west end of the building.  Faculty and Staff offices are spread out throughout the Music Building.. 

In the Music Building, there are bathrooms at the following locations:

Ground Floor:
East End: M
West End: M, W

Basement Level:
East End: M, W

1st Floor:
East End: W, 

2nd Floor:
East End: M
West End: W

3rd Floor:
East End: M
West End: W

There is a bathroom intended for Faculty and Staff only (M/W) in MUS 122, the Fishbowl. 

Bike Storage
Bicycle racks are just outside the main entrance to the Music Building on the west side of the building and just outside the lower level entrance on the northeast side of the building—near the back lawn of the building. Additional bike storage options are listed here:

Smoking Area
Smoking is prohibited in all university facilities, including but not limited to the following locations:

  • inside all buildings owned or occupied by the university and/or used by the university's faculty, staff, or students;
  • University vehicles;
  • at any outside areas or locations, except those designated by the Director of EH&S or in WAC 478-136-035.

Smoking is allowed only at these limited designated sites determined by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety:

Keys for your office (if one is assigned), studio, and the faculty mailboxes may be obtained from Jenifer Moreland, Room 107 (  The School of Music calendar administrator ( in the Main Office or the front desk helper can help you with keys to Brechemin Auditorium and the Fishbowl.

Practice Room Keys
In order to obtain a practice room key, students should come to the Main Office (Room 102) prepared with a check written out to the University of Washington, for $10. To be eligible for a practice room key, the student must be a music major or registered in a MUSEN course at the 200+ level, or one of the MUSAP classes.

Please note:

  1. We only take cash, checks, and money orders
  2. This fee is charged every year (it covers the cost of changing the locks annually)

Room Entry Codes
As needed, faculty and staff will receive Room Entry Codes for access to spaces at Meany Hall.  Faculty and staff who frequently access those spaces may be able to activate their Husky cards for keycard entry.

Building hours
The Music Building is open: 
Monday - Friday:  8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday:  Closed

Access After Building Hours
Students, staff and faculty may be granted after-hours building access on an as-needed basis.  Contact building administrator Jenifer Moreland or School of Music calendar administrator ( for more information.

Vending Machines
Snack and soda vending machines in the Music Building are on the ground level hallway (near the Music Listening Lab). An additional soda vending machine is near the second floor stairwell on the west side of the Music Building.

There is a small faculty/staff-only refrigerator in the Fishbowl kitchen (MUS 122), as well as a microwave and miscellaneous kitchen implements

Lost & Found
A lost and found box is maintained in the main music office. All found items should be turned into the main office. Unclaimed items are sent to Campus Lost & Found at end of each quarter. If searching for items such as lost keys, wallets and other more valuable items, inquire at the front desk of the main office (MUS 102).

Recycling, Compost, Trash
There are individual receptacles for recycling, compost, and trash disposal in most offices.  These are to be emptied by the user of the office into the larger receptacles found on each floor of the Music Building as well as outside the main entrances of the Music Building. 

The main office (MUS 102) maintains a supply of basic office supplies (including envelopes, pens, transparencies, folders, notebooks, etc.). These are available for use by staff, faculty, and TAs. Please ask TJ Carbary for assistance if you need help locating the supply cupboard, if you need supplies to be ordered, or if you have questions on existing supplies. You may also enter your supply request on the clipboard hanging on the side of the supply cabinet.

Room Reservations
Individual classrooms are available for checkout online through the School’s electronic reservation request system, EMS. Learn more about room reservations here.

Computers & Tech Support

Access to computers
Faculty/Staff typically have a computer in the assigned office.  If quick access is required to a different computer, a list of UW Libraries access computers (available to students, faculty, staff and visitors) can be found here

UW Music Computer Lab
The School of Music General Access Computer Lab (Room 12B) is a full-featured computer and piano lab open to all UW students. The lab features twelve digital audio workstations running Mac OS X with attached midi keyboards. Each workstation is loaded with a software package which includes Finale, Digital Performer, and Logic. Learn more about the UW Music Computer Lab. See the UW IT Connect web site for information on computing labs outside the School of Music.

Tech Support
For help within Music with troubleshooting computer difficulties, contact Colin Todd. For general UW IT information contact UW Information Technology.

Tickets & Performance Passes

Comp Tickets and Performance Passes
In addition to the performance passes that all School of Music faculty, staff, and graduate student T.A.s receive, the School is sometimes able to offer comp tickets for select performances throughout the concert season.

Inquiries about complimentary tickets should be directed to TJ Carbary in the main office. Please make inquiries at least one full business day before the concert event whenever possible, as last-minute inquiries may be difficult or impossible to facilitate.

Performance Passes
The faculty/staff performance pass admits the bearer plus a guest to any School of Music “Notecard” event—which usually includes almost all of the ticketed concert season events. Just show your pass at the door for free entry for you and a guest.

Music Major Performance Passes (which may be obtained from Advising in Room 116) are available to all majors and admit the student to any School of Music “Notecard” (concert season) event.


The Music Library is located in MUS 113.  This library is run by the University Libraries, with a staff that is knowledgeable about all things related to music. Learn more about the UW Music Library.

The University of Washington Libraries offers many services and locations.  Learn more at

Food on Campus

Dining options on campus include espresso stands, express markets, restaurants, and street food.  See for details.


Safeguard valuables 
Though every effort is made to ensure that the Music Building offers a safe and secure workplace environment, faculty, staff and students should take precautions to safeguard valuables at all times.  Thefts in public areas, classrooms, offices, lockers, and performance spaces may occur at any time.

Extra precautions should be taken to safeguard personal valuables (purses, handbags, billfolds, laptops, etc.) Make sure to lock your work space when leaving, even if only for a few minutes. Consider locking your valuables in a drawer or file cabinet for an extra level of security.

Observe and immediately report any strangers walking around in labs or offices who appear to be there without a reason or seem suspicious.
For EMERGENCIES, Call 9-1-1 
For non-emergencies, call 206.685.UWPD (8973)

Learn more about Safety & Security

University Bookstore

The University Bookstore is located at 4326 University Way NE. A smaller, affiliate store is located on the north end of the lower level of the Husky Union Building (HUB). Learn more about the University Book Store.

UW Today

UW Today is the University's online publication, produced by the Office of News & Information. It is sent by email to all UW employees every Thursday, with news and features, Spotlight Stories, classifieds and community photos.

Getting Around On Campus 

Campus Maps

Visitors Information
The Visitor's Information Center offers information about the University, Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Travel brochures, lists of local events, and other information is available. The center is located at 4014 University Way NE, across from Schmitz Hall (8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday).

Directions to Various Campus Locations


Workday is UW’s campus-wide system for human resources, payroll and benefits
University employees use Workday to:

  • Update personal information
  • Access payslips and pay rate details
  • View benefits information
  • Manage time off and absences including holidays

The Integrated Service Center (ISC) is UW’s department for supporting all transactions within Workday. Learn more about the ISC and Workday.


For explanations of benefits that come with your employment, including Insurance, Retirement, Work & Life, Saving and Wellness, see the Benefits & Work/Life Website at

Everyone is paid on the 10th and 25th of each month. The paycheck received on the 10th is for the pay period consisting of the 16th of the previous month through the end of the previous month. The paycheck received on the 25th is for the pay period consisting of the first through the 15th. If the scheduled pay day falls on a Saturday, you will be paid on the preceding Friday. If the scheduled pay day falls on a Sunday, you will receive your paycheck on the following Monday. In the event that the payday falls on a holiday, you will be paid the day before the holiday.

Payroll Direct Deposit is the process in which your net pay is electronically deposited to the checking or savings account of your choice on payday.

Your funds should become available in your bank account on payday. If not, please contact your bank directly if your funds are not available.

Online Direct Deposit

You can have your paycheck electronically deposited to your checking or savings account. The University of Washington encourages all employees to use Direct Deposit. Learn More here.

Recreational activities 

There is a variety of recreational facilities (pools, racquetball courts, gymnasiums, weight training rooms, tennis courts) available to faculty, students, and staff members. Information regarding facilities and programs can be obtained at the IMA Building.

Operating hours for the facilities vary. You can check to find out the current hours by calling 3-4590. Other phone numbers are listed in the Directory under Recreational Sports Programs. Membership in the IMA is free to students and is available to staff members for an annual or quarterly fee (staff ID cards must be shown at purchase). Guests can use the facility if accompanied by a member. More at

Childcare at UW

If you work at UW and have a child, you have a variety of support options available to you.  Please see for more information.

Federal and State Workplace Employee Rights Posters

Federal and State compliance posters are available at the University of Washington to ensure that you have an access to information about your rights under the law.

UW Human Resources and the UW Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action have partnered to improve the University's practices for the display of federal and state required poster, and have designated nine public poster display locations where all required compliance posters are physically displayed.

Employees may also access the most up-to-date electronic versions of compliance posters at any time by viewing the Poster Page for Employees:

On-the-job injuries

Any accident, injury, or work-related illness, or on-the-job incident which could have caused an injury or illness, must be reported to the employee's supervisor and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). This reporting ensures that comprehensive records are maintained, legal requirements are met, and corrective action is initiated to prevent future incidents.

All occurrences should be recorded by preparing and submitting EH&S's Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) form within 24 hours following the accident.

Complaint Resolution

The University of Washington encourages prompt resolution of complaints about the behavior of its employees, as referenced in UW Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 46.3. You may seek resolution assistance regarding behaviors that include but are not restricted to:

  • Harassing, discriminatory or threatening behavior,
  • Violation of University policy, or
  • Mistreatment of members of the public.

Electronic Voting Policy for Academic Appointments

When requested by one or more eligible voting faculty members of the School of Music, and to provide the greatest opportunity for participation in important personnel recommendations, voting for faculty appointments, reappointments, and promotions in the School of Music shall be done by confidential, secure, anonymous electronic voting system (such as that provided by UW Catalyst).