Seattle Youth Opera Program relies on behind-the-scenes expertise from UW Music

  • Seattle Youth Opera photo: Ariana Buck
    Seattle Youth Opera photo: Ariana Buck

A recent fully-staged production of “Robin Hood” at Cornish College was a triumph for the young singers and thespians engaged in the production, presented by Seattle Youth Opera in partnership with Seattle Theater. But the show also represented the culmination of behind-the-scenes work by UW Music students and alumni engaged as teaching artists in this energetic collaboration new in Seattle Opera’s 2017-18 season.

Among the teaching artists coaching young singers and actors ages seven through eighteen through the steps of producing a fully staged opera are a number of UW graduate students and recent graduates engaged in various roles—including chorus preparation, vocal, and instrumental instruction.

Meeting twice weekly at Seattle Opera Rehearsal Studios, participants spend six months preparing for performances with the help of the professional teaching artists. Among UW students and alumni who have served as teaching artists for the program are Ryan Bede, Becca Cantrell, Katrina Deininger, Abbie Naize, Kay Yeh, Meg Stohlmann, and Miriam Anderson.