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Music History alumnus Benjamin Albritton appointed rare book curator at Stanford Libraries

Submitted by Joanne De Pue on August 19, 2019 - 12:04pm
UW Music History alumnus Benjamin Albritton.
UW Music History alumnus Benjamin Albritton.

The Department of Special Collections of Stanford Libraries has appointed Music History alumnus  Ben L. Albritton (PhD Music History) as its Rare Book Curator.  He began his new assignment this past June. 

Stanford Libraries rare book collection is extensive with an estimated size in excess of 265,000 titles.  The Rare Books Division of the Department acquires antiquarian and modern titles both for intellectual content and as historical artifacts.  Materials are collected broadly, in subject areas across the humanities and sciences, and in a wide variety of languages. Collections at Stanford are developed to strengthen our holdings, strengthen holdings specifically related to current faculty research and teaching, and for works relevant to current and future curriculum. Ben Albritton will be joining the Special Collections program at a time of renewed interest in the history of printing and the history of the book and at a time when new technologies can allow for access to collections that Stanford would otherwise never be able to acquire. 

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