Music History program welcomes Dr. Frederick Reece in September 2021 

Frederick Reece
Frederick Reece is an assistant professor in the Music History program.

Dr. Frederick Reece joins the School of Music faculty in September 2021 as an assistant professor in the Music History program. 

Dr. Reece has established the foundations of his work with several studies on issues of authorship and authenticity in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century music.  His forthcoming monograph, Forgery in Musical Composition: Aesthetics, History, and the Classical Canon, is under contract with Oxford University Press.  Dr. Reece completed his Ph.D. at Harvard University, where his dissertation, “Ringing False: Music Analysis, Forgery, and the Technologies of Truth,” was supported by an Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Fellowship.  His research has appeared in publications such as the Journal of Musicology and at conferences including the national meetings of the Society for Music Theory and the American Musicological Society.  In 2015, the AMS recognized Dr. Reece with the Paul A. Pisk Prize, for which his work on forgery was described as “using a wide range of tools to illuminate deep, broad, irresistible questions about just what the idea of a composer’s personal style means, and about our own collective role as music historians”.

Prior to his doctoral studies at Harvard University, Dr. Reece earned a B.A. in Music at Jesus College at the University of Oxford.  He recently held the prestigious postdoctoral fellowship in music theory as a visiting assistant professor at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University Bloomington and has taught both music history and music theory at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.  His other areas of research interest include the history of music theory, intellectual property law, and automated non-human composition.

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