Percussion Recital FAQ

Please read these FAQs before booking your percussion degree recital in Meany Studio Theatre

Percussion Degree Recital Scheduling

How do I schedule a recital?

Percussion Students: please email the School of Music calendar administrator at to schedule your degree recitals.

What is a recital jury and when does it take place?

This is a short run-through of your recital in front of your instructor, plus 1-3 other faculty members, to ensure that you’re ready to give the recital.  No single instructor can approve a recital.  The jury should take place 3 weeks before your recital, so the date can be postponed if the committee feels you’re not ready.

What paperwork is required before my recital can take place?

  • Meany Production Request Form - Once you have scheduled your recital through Julia, be sure to fill out and return the Meany Production Request Form – DUE 4 weeks prior to your recitalMeany Production Request Form.
  • Recital Jury Approval Form – download form  This form requires the signatures of your instructor and your jury (1-3 other faculty members. For doctoral candidates, at least one member of the Graduate Faculty must be present at the recital jury and sign the form). It goes into your permanent file to serve as partial documentation of your recital. Turn it in to your Advisor (Graduates: Brenda Banks; Undergraduates: Jennifer Grahl Miller, Room 116), after your jury and prior to your recital. 

When should I schedule my recital?

As a general rule, the closer it gets to your preferred recital date, the less options you will have.  Always be sure to confirm your instructor, accompanist, and ensemble members' (if applicable) availability prior to requesting your recital date and time.

If you are planning an Autumn or Winter Recital, schedule it 3 or more months in advance.  Spring Quarter scheduling can be much more difficult due to the large number of performances occurring in Meany Studio Theater.  For this reason, please schedule your Spring Quarter Recital 4-5 months in advance, whenever possible. 

What times do recitals take place in Meany Studio Theatre?

Recitals usually take place at the following times:
Monday - Friday:  7:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday:  1:30 pm, 4:30 pm, or 7:30 pm.

How much time will I have in MST on my recital day?

You have a total of 5 hours in MST, which includes load-in, load-out and clean up. There are no exceptions. Do not ask for additional time. For a 7:30 pm recital, you must be out of the hall by 10:00 pm.

Are there certain dates I should avoid when scheduling my recital?

In Autumn, avoid having your recital the same date as a Huskies football game to avoid traffic and parking problems.  Click here for their schedule: In Winter, avoid scheduling the same day as auditions. You can find audition dates at  

Do I have to pay to use Meany Studio?

No, there’s no charge to use Meany Studio Theatre for your recital.

Can I charge an admission fee to my recital?

No, students cannot charge admission to their recitals, or place a donation bin in the area. 

Recital Recordings & Tech Info

I want my recital recorded.  What do I do?

NOTE:  Students giving Doctoral recitals are required to provide the Music Listening Library with a recording of their recital.  The requirements are listed here under “forms”:

The School of Music does not record student recitals, and it’s not the stage manager’s responsibility.  If you want your recital professionally recorded, obtain a referral from the Media Maintenance Tech (Gary Louie, Room 32, 206-543-1218,  The engineers will charge a fee. 

Will there be a stage manager at my recital?

Yes.  Contact the Meany Technical Director, Tom Burke, two (2) weeks before your recital, to discuss details.  206-543-5727, or

Does Meany Studio Theatre have a sound system?

The hall specs are listed on their website.

For any specific questions, or to arrange for equipment use, contact the Meany Technical Director, Tom Burke, at 206-543-5727, or

Recital Programs, Posters & Publicity

How do I make a recital program, and what information must be on it?

Students create their own recital program. A template is available for download here: Download Recital Program Template

You’re not required to use the template, but the following information MUST appear on your program:

  1. Your name and instrument
  2. Accompanist’s name and instrument
  3. Brechemin Auditorium (or other location if held off campus)
  4. Date and time of recital
  5. The following statement: “This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of [degree sought]. [Your name] is a student of [your teacher].”

The School of Music will make 50 free copies of your single-sided program on 8.5x11 white paper. Get a copy order ticket from the Julia Tobiska (Room 124), and take it to the Copy Center (basement of the Communications Bldg, next to the Music Bldg.). If you want colored or specialty paper, you must pay for the paper yourself.

Who needs copies of my recital program?

  1. Give three (3) copies to Claire Peterson in the Main Music Office, Room 102.
  1. Give one (1) copy to your Advisor (Graduates: Brenda Banks; Undergraduates: Jennifer Grahl Miller, Room 116).  It goes into your permanent file and serves as partial documentation of your recital.

How do I make a recital poster or flyer, and what information must be on it?

You can get as creative as you wish, but the following information MUST appear on your poster or flyer:

  • “To request disability accommodations, contact the Disability Services Office at least ten days in advance at: (206) 543-6450 (V), (206) 543-6452 (TTY), (206) 685-7264 (FAX), or"

You are encouraged to create a poster about your recital to place around campus. Do not use copies of your program as flyers, as some students turn them in to their teachers to fulfill concert-going requirements.You must pay for the poster copying yourself.

Will the School of Music publicize my recital?

Yes.  The School of Music home page,  and the Events Hotline (206-685-8384) both list student recitals. The Main Music Office produces an in-house monthly events calendar. The information comes from the Recital Coordinator's office; you don't need to supply it.

Can I send out a press release about my recital?

Yes, but do not use official UW stationery or the logo. Do not list School of Music phone numbers as information sources, or say "The University of Washington presents…" Make it clear that the concert is a student recital. List your own phone number and e-mail as contacts for further information.

How do I reserve a harpsichord or fortepiano?

These instruments require additional effort.  Please do the following:

  1. Fill out and turn in a Keyboard Service Request form, at least one (1) month prior to your recital. Note on the form that you’ll use a harpsichord or fortepiano, and put it in the Piano Technician’s mailbox (Doug Wood and Jack Lofton) in the Main Music Office. Click here for the form: Keyboard Service Request Form 
  1. Contact Doug Wood to confirm instrument availability (206-543-3514, Room 12-A, Coordinate with piano technician on moving the harpsichord or fortepiano to and from the Auditorium for rehearsals and performance.
  1. NOTE:  The harpsichord and fortepiano are not available on weekends.  And so, when booking Brechemin for your rehearsals and recital, please book weekdays.


Can I have a reception after my recital?

Yes. Receptions take place in the Meany Studio Theatre (MST) lobby, not in any of the classrooms. You must notify the MST House Manager two (2) weeks in advance (Nancy Hautala, 206-543-2010,

Alcohol is not permitted at student recital receptions.

If you wish to serve home-prepared foods at your reception, you must file for a temporary food permit through UW. Please note that this permit typically takes 2 weeks to process – so plan accordingly!

Online Food Permit information can be found here:

Recital Cancellations

 I’m canceling my recital.  What do I do?

  • If you made your recital reservation through the UW School of Music Reservation System (EMS), then you can cancel your entire recital at any time.  When you do, be sure that ALL booking (rehearsals and Fishbowl reservations) are cancelled at the same time.  HINT:  Choose “Cancel All Bookings” from your My Requests home screen. 
  • Your instructor will not cancel your recital for you; you must do this yourself.
  • In addition, you MUST inform the following people as soon as you know you are canceling your recital: 
  1. Main Music Office: By phone at (206) 543-1201, by email at
  2. The Piano Technicians (if you turned in a Keyboard Request Form).  Susan Willanger-Cady, Room 12-A, 206-543-3514, (
  3. For Undergraduates only: Jennifer Grahl Miller, Room 116, 206-543-1239, 

What happens if you don’t inform the people above?  

The piano gets tuned, the recital is advertised on the Events Hotline and SoM website, and an audience shows up only:  bad news.  So please be sure to let us know!