Claude Debussy: 24 Preludes

24 Preludes Album cover
Claude Debussy: 24 Preludes, Craig Sheppard
Craig Sheppard.  "Claude Debussy: 24 Preludes." Romeo Records, 2013.
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Pianist Craig Sheppard embraces with his typical verve and passion Claude Debussy’s 24 Preludes on his most recent Romeo Records Release. Recorded live at Meany Theater in October 2012, “Claude Debussy: 24 Preludes” garnered outstanding reviews in the international classical music press, including International Music Review, which featured the disc among recordings reviewed in its June 2013 issue. “Time and again, in hearing these performances, I found myself mentally applauding Sheppard. This is, without question, the playing of a true master pianist,” proclaimed critic Robert Matthew-Walker, who added, “Technically, he has no peer, and interpretatively he is sufficiently self-effacing not to allow anything other than what is on the printed page to come between composer and listener. In addition — by choosing the fine edition of these works by Roy Howat — in terms of scholarship and his deep insight into these pieces the result is a recording which assuredly is virtually definitive for our age.”

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