Cuong Vu, Vu-Tet

Cuong Vu, Vu-Tet, Cuong Vu, Ted Poor, Stomu Takeishi, Chris Speed, 2007 (re-released 2010, Table and Chairs Music)
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Cuong Vu's 2007 release Vu-Tet features outstanding musicianship and improvisational flair by the trumpeter and trio mates Ted Poor and Stomu Takeishi and saxophonist Chris Speed. 

What the critics said about this release:

Now he’s made just the right move. ...the point of Mr. Vu’s music, at its best, is just that: to make you feel lost in it." - Ben Ratliff, NY Times

"On his excellent new album with Speed and the trio, "Vu-Tet" (ArtistShare), Vu's trumpet chops are noticeably nimble, especially on the bumblebee flights of "Accelerated Thoughts," the muscular runs of "Never, Ever, Ever" and the romantic lyricism of "I Promise."" - Paul de Barros, Seattle Times

"A pinnacle in Cuong Vu's discography, Vu-Tet reveals a unified voice that veers from somber to fervid, never falling victim to post-modern pastiche." - Troy Collins, All About Jazz

"Vu-Tet—an innovative, modernistic, compelling recording, from start to finish—answers the 'Why plug in a trumpet?' question convincingly. Outstanding!" - Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

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