Rock: Music, Culture, and Business

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Rock: Music, Culture, Business
Larry Starr, Joseph G. Schloss, and Christopher Waterman.  Rock: Music, Culture, and Business.  Oxford University Press, 2012.
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Rock: Music, Culture, and Business (2012 Oxford University Press) is the latest book-length publication by Music History Professor Larry Starr, who along with co-authors Joseph G. Schloss and Christopher Waterman (formerly associate professor of music at the UW), have compiled an engaging study of the history of rock music from the mid-1940s to the current day. This follow up to the authors’ previous book, American Popular Music, examines the music business and the impact of social and cultural movements on the story of rock, including contemporary issues such as the influence of the Internet, the availability of low-cost home recording equipment, and the rise of the hip-hop aesthetic.

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