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Melia Watras: Schumann Resonances

Melia Watras: Schumann Resonances
Melia Watras: Schumann Resonances
Melia Watras.  Schumann Resonances.  CD.  Planet M Records 2019.

Violist/composer Melia Watras’s album, Schumann Resonances, uses Schumann’s Märchenbilder (Pictures from Fairyland), Op. 113 as a building block, traveling in new directions with world premiere recordings of compositions by Watras, Cuong Vu and Richard Karpen. The new works take the Schumann piece as a point of departure, through Märchenbilder itself, or inspired by fairy tales or other folklore (including folk songs). The program includes the Schumann (performed by Watras and pianist Winston Choi); three works by Watras: Schumann Resonances (Watras, Choi), Berceuse with a Singer in London (Watras, singer Galia Arad), Source (Watras, percussionist Matthew Kocmieroski, violinist Michael Jinsoo Lim); Porch Music by Vu (Watras, trumpeter Vu); and Karpen’s Tertium Quid (Lim, Watras, Choi).

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