Graduate Applications: Choral Conducting Degrees

ALL application materials must be received online by the deadline below: applications incomplete as of this date will not be considered.  The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is complete when submitted.

Deadline for autumn quarter admission: December 1

We do not accept applications for summer quarter, winter quarter, or spring quarter.
Please do not apply before July 1.

Submit the following admission materials online:

  • Graduate Admissions Application: must be submitted online by the deadline above, along with the online application fee.  Application is found at

  • Three recommendation letters from people familiar with your academic and/or professional work can be arranged for electronically within this application.

  • Unofficial transcripts from ALL previously attended colleges or universities.

  • Statement of Purpose:  Explain how graduate study in this particular program will contribute to your pursuing your professional and/or personal goals.

  • A recent academic writing sample to demonstrate your writing and research style. An essay, a review, a portion of a term paper or thesis, etc., are all acceptable. 

  • Résumé

  • Conducting video: Prior to submitting your conducting video(s), please submit your Graduate Admissions Application (see above). Applicants who submit a video audition but who do not submit the application will not be considered for admission to the School of Music.

Conducting Video specifications:

  • A contrast of two representative works is encouraged – both rehearsal and performance (if possible). Recordings must be in video format and preferably from the viewpoint of the choir with the camera facing you, the conductor. 
  • Please upload a recent video or videos of yourself conducting a vocal ensemble using the link below. 
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, conducting videos may consist of any of the following
    • Rehearse an ensemble socially distanced outside with singers and conductor wearing masks
    • Rehearse a small group via Zoom with participants muted, then work with individuals unmuted
    • Coach a singer one on one and videotape the lesson, either on Zoom or using Soundjack or other low latency platforms
    • Rehearse a quartet individually, document the coaching, and create a simple virtual choir recording, including the conducting video that they followed 
    • Conduct a recording 
    • Submit a less-recent recording of a live rehearsal 


Choral Audition Days

These will be held on February 10 and 11, 2022. In early January, selected applicants will receive an invitation letter from Dr. Geoffrey Boers, Director of Choral Activities, describing the audition expectations and process.

In person auditions are preferable and provide more opportunities for students to gain a more holistic view of the program. However, due to Covid concerns, we will continue to offer a remote option if necessary.

1. Candidates are encouraged to attend a virtual class or classes during the week prior to the audition day. This provides an opportunity to get to know our faculty, and see a typical “day in the life” of the choral cohort.

2. On audition day, each candidate will have a private audition to include: personal interview with the choral faculty, aural exam, piano demonstration, and solo singing, and conducting a prepared example.

  •  The aural exam and vocalizing will be done during the interview.
  • Piano demonstration and singing can be submitted prior to the audition by video, or done online during the audition.
  • In lieu of rehearsal, the applicant will be asked to prepare a portion of a suggested piece. Once again, the applicant may submit a video of them conducting the excerpt or may choose to conduct live during the interview.

**International applicants must also demonstrate English proficiency when English is not their native language. Please have the testing service send your official TOEFL or IELTS score electronically to the UW by December 1 at UW Institution Code 4854. It is our expectation that we will have received your official score from the testing service before the faculty begin reviewing application materials.


  1. The School of Music’s minimum TOEFL score required for admission is 90 for master’s students and 100 for doctoral students. For IELTS, the minimum score is 7 for master's students and 7.5 for doctoral students.
  2. The School of Music does NOT accept Duo Lingo scores.
  3. The School of Music requires the TOEFL or IELTS of all applicants whose native language is not English, even if you have completed a U.S. bachelor’s, master's, or doctoral degree.