Freshman or New Major Application Procedure

Application to the School of Music is a two-step process: one, you must apply to the University of Washington, and two, you must audition for the School of Music.

Applying to the UW

Your application to the UW consists of the following parts:

1. Your application – completed, signed, and dated
2. Application Fee
3. The Writing Section
a. Personal Statement
b. Short Answer
c. Activities Log
d. Additional Comments
4. Official Transcripts (if required)
5. Official Scores from SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with Writing

On the UW Admissions website, you can find more details on when and how to submit the above materials. You can also find information on applying for the Honors Program (please note that the deadline for the Honors Program may be different than the deadline for the general UW application).

The application deadline for Freshmen is DECEMBER 1st. The UW does not accept late materials!

Auditioning for the School of Music

All degrees except Ethnomusicology, American Music Studies, and Composition, require that students pass an entrance audition on their primary instrument. Once you have submitted your application to the UW, you can then request an audition. Please do the following to submit your request:

  1. Make sure you have submitted your online application to the UW.
  2. Prepare the audition repertoire for your instrument.
  3. Read the Audition Information page
  4. Sign up for a live audition date or submit a digital audition. While in-person auditions are highly encouraged, if you are unable to attend a live audition with School of Music faculty, you have the option to audition via video. Please note that live auditions sign-ups close two weeks prior to the audition date. Video auditions are accepted for winter auditions only and are due Jan. 31st.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Ethnomusicology, American Music Studies, or Composition need to pass prerequisite courses and then apply to their intended areas of study. Contact to learn more. 

Applying for Financial Aid

To make sure you are eligible for the most financial aid possible, you should:

  1. Audition for the School of Music in January or February.
  2. Fill out the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid by February 15th.