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Transfer Application Procedure

Application to the School of Music is a two-step process: one, you must apply to the University of Washington, and two, you must audition for the School of Music.

Preparing to Transfer

When it comes to music, the sooner you can transfer to the UW, the better! Most of our programs take 3-4 years to complete once you start classes at UW. This is because many music courses, such as lessons and ensembles, don’t typically transfer, and many of our degrees require 4 years of these courses for graduation! 

Transferring can be a bit tricky, so please consider the below guidelines when planning your transfer:

  1. General education courses almost always transfer. If you went to a community college in Washington, please reference our equivalency guide to find out exactly how your courses will transfer.
  2. Music theory courses do transfer, but not directly; rather, you will be asked to complete a proficiency exam and meet with a professor to determine placement in our theory sequence. This is done after you enroll at the UW. Please save materials such as syllabi, final exams, textbooks, etc, for your evaluation.
  3. One survey of western music course will transfer, but again, you will need to take a proficiency exam.
  4. Piano classes for non-piano majors can transfer after you complete a placement test.
  5. Advanced music history courses typically do not transfer and will need to be completed at the UW.
  6. Up to two years of applied lessons and ensembles MAY transfer. The exact number of years that will be accepted and considered transferrable will be at faculty discretion following your entrance audition.

The transfer planning worksheet can be a helpful tool in determining which courses will transfer. Please note that there are no required prerequisites needed to major in music. The worksheet references Applied Voice (MUSAP 320) – this is meant to serve as an example of applied lessons we suggest you take before transferring.

Transfer Thursdays, offered through Undergraduate Advising, can also be a useful tool in planning your transfer.

Note: Although you can apply to the UW to transfer at any quarter during the academic year, the School of Music typically only accepts new majors for the Fall Quarter.

Applying to the UW

Your application to the UW consists of the following parts:

  1. Your application – completed, signed, and dated
  2. Application Fee
  3. Personal Statement
  4. College and High School Transcripts
  5. If you have fewer than 40 transferrable credits, SAT or ACT scores. On the UW Admissions website, you can find more details on when and how to submit the above materials. The application deadline for Transfers is February 15th of each year. The UW does not accept late materials!

Auditioning for the School of Music

For all degrees except Ethnomusicology and Composition (audition needed to enroll in required private lessons), students must pass an entrance audition on their primary instrument. Once you have submitted your application to the UW, you can then request an audition. Please do the following to submit your request:

  1. Make sure you have submitted your online application to the UW.
  2. Prepare the audition repertoire for your instrument.
  3. Read the Audition Information page
  4. Sign up for a live audition date or submit a digital audition. While in-person auditions are highly encouraged, if you are unable to attend a live audition with School of Music faculty, you have the option to audition via video. Please note that live auditions sign-ups close two weeks prior to the audition date. Video auditions are accepted for winter auditions only and are due Jan. 31st.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in EthnomusicologyAmerican Music Studies, or Composition need to pass prerequisite courses and then apply to their intended areas of study. Contact to learn more. 

Applying for Financial Aid

To make sure you are eligible for the most financial aid possible, you should:

  1. Audition for the School of Music in January or February.
  2. Fill out the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid by February 15th.

Please contact us with questions about admissions at or 206.685.9872; or attend a free Information Session to learn more