Congratulations, UW Music Class of 2016!

UW Music 2016 graduates.
UW Music 2016 graduates Roxanne Fairchild (BM, Music Ed) and Liz Harris Scruggs (BM, Music Ed; BA, English) (Photo: Joanne De Pue).

The School of Music Class of 2016 walked the stage of Brechemin Auditorium in recognition of their academic achievements at the Grand Finale Celebration June 10 at the School of Music.

Fifty-four UW Music students earned music degrees, including 15 DMAs, one PhD, 17 MM and MA degrees and 21 BA and BM degrees.  

Among undergraduates, three students earned double degrees: Michelle Bretl (BM Voice, BS Speech and Hearing Sciences), Elizabeth Harris Scruggs (BM Music Education, BA English), and Melissa Kersh (BM String Instruments, BS Computer Sciences).

The celebration included remarks by School of Music director Richard Karpen and graduates Megumi (Memmi) Ochi (DMA Percussion); and Jamael Smith  (BM, Orchestral Instruments).  Music was provided by the School’s 2015-16 Scholarship Chamber Group, the Daana Quartet, and retiring professor Tom Collier, marimba.

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UW School of Music Class of 2016

Matthew Anderson, DMA Brass Performance 

Tigran Arakelyan, DMA Instrumental Conducting

Jeremiah Cawley, DMA Choral Conducting

Kyujin Choi, DMA Organ Performance

Sarah Duffy, DMA Organ Performance

 Luke Fitzpatrick, DMA Strings Performance

Jeshua Franklin, DMA Choral Conducting

Perry Jones, DMA Composition

Thomas Lee, DMA Piano Performance

Harumi Makiyama, DMA Piano Performance

Christopher Mechell, DMA Piano Performance

Jason Moody, DMA Strings Performance

Doug Niemela, DMA Composition

Memmi Ochi, DMA Percussion Performance

Anna Stachurska, DMA Composition

Matthew Swanson, PhD Music Education

Alessandra Barrett, MM Strings Performance

Gregg Belisle-chi, MM Jazz Studies & Improvised Music

Rebecca Cantrell, MA Music Education

Michelle Dobbs, MA Music Education

Megan Francisco, MA Music History

Denna Good-Mojab, MM Vocal Performance

Erin Howard, MA Music Education

 Amy Kuefler, MM Vocal Performance

Christopher Lyons, MM Organ Performance

Lisa Mansfield, MA Music Education

Elizabeth McDaniel, MM Brass Performance

Renee Millar, MM Brass Performance

Sarah Moyer, MA Music Education

Stephen O’Bent, MM Choral Conducting

Jacob Sundstrom, MM Composition

Stephen Van de Burgt, MM Organ Performance

Yi Zhou, MM Strings Performance

Michelle M. Bretl, BM Voice; BS Speech & Hearing Sciences 

Kassey O. Castro, BM Music Education 

Mason J.D. Cole, BM Music Education 

Laura E. Colmenares, BM Orchestral Instruments 

Roxanne P. Fairchild, BM Music Education 

Michael J. Gebhart, BM Jazz Studies 

Elizabeth A. Harris Scruggs,  BM Music Education; BA English 

Manuel F. Kahinu-Taitano, BM Jazz Studies 

Melissa S. Kersh, BM String Instruments; BS Computer Science 

Julia E. Knox, BA Ethnomusicology

Stella Kosim, BM Guitar 

Christopher W. Kouldukis, BM Voice 

Joyce J. Lee, BM Orchestral Instruments 

Stephanie T-M. Lee, BM Piano 

Stuart I. Macdonald, BA Instrumental 

William H. Mapp, BM Jazz Studies 

Corentin Pokorny, BM String Instruments

Hyun Su Seo, BM Piano 

Jamael T. Smith, BM Orchestral Instruments 

Declan M.E. Sullivan, BM Orchestral Instruments

Christopher R. Trimis, BM Music Education

Congratulations, Graduates!