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BA in Ethnomusicology

  • Javanese Gamelan
    Javanese Gamelan
  • children playing steel pan
  • Ethnomusicology Workshop
  • Mrs. Davula

The BA in Ethnomusicology is intended for students who are intrigued by the diversity of the world’s musical expressions and are interested in interdisciplinary perspectives that illuminate music’s cultural contexts and meanings.

Interdisciplinary Study of World Music Cultures

Courses encompass performance and participatory experiences with artist-teachers in residence; studies of music and musicians from around the world, including Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe; and specialized seminars that delve into a variety of issues such as race, class, gender, nationalism, pedagogy, and polyrhythm. Opportunities are available to learn from community artists locally as well as in contexts across the world, and to discover interdisciplinary perspectives on music that deepen understandings of music in place and time. 

Breadth and Depth of Study

Students in the BA in Ethnomusicology complete a minimum of 180 credits, 90 of which are taken in the social sciences, the humanities, and the sciences.  Students are encouraged to pursue individual musical interests with faculty guidance, resulting in a capstone project as partial fulfillment of requirements for graduation. Learn More

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