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Bachelor of Music - Music Education, Post Baccalaureate Certification, Vocal Emphasis

Music Education with Teaching Certification (Post Bac,Vocal/General Emphasis)

Admission to the Bachelor of Music is intended for especially qualified students who wish to emphasize professional training in music education. Music majors are required to earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in each music course (core and elective) that is to count toward Music degree requirements. A GPA of 2.5 in Music is required for graduation. A minimum of 180 credits is required, of which at least 60 must be taken in departments other than the School of Music.  These 60 credits may include courses required to satisfy general education requirements.  


The major in Music Education at the School of Music is a program leading to a Bachelor of Music Education degree. Upon completion of full‐time student teaching, students will also receive certification to teach music (grades K ‐ 12) in the State of Washington. Students interested in pursuing the Music Education major should follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Achieve music major status by successfully completing a School of Music performance audition. Information regarding audition dates and locations can be found on the School of Music Advising Office web site (
  2. Sign up for an audition for admission to the Music Education program. (This audition is separate from the School of Music performance audition.) Auditions are held twice a year, at the end of Spring quarter and just prior to Autumn quarter. The Music Education entrance audition consists of four parts:
    • Performance (5 minutes, maximum) on your principal instrument or voice of a prepared accompanied piece (an accompanist can be provided); also performance of a familiar melody by ear
    • Sight‐singing and/or sight‐reading melodies
    • Performance of a simple song and a simple harmonic accompaniment on piano
    • An interview consisting of questions relevant to your interests in music teaching and learning among children and adolescents.

For additional information, please contact the Music Education office (206‐543‐5204) or consult the Music Education web page (

NOTE: The Music Education entrance audition is open to all music majors during any year of study. Students not gaining admission to the music education program may re‐audition.


  • Transfer from Previous Degree
    • Music Theory-History Core (36 credits)
    • MUSICP 320/420 (18 credits)
  • Additional Music Requirements
    • At least three credits from among: MUSIC 250, MUSIC 251, MUSIC 252, or any 400-level Ethnomusicology course (3 credits)
    • MUSIC 350, 351, 352: Choral Conducting (1, 1, 1) (3 credits)
    • MUSED 304, 305: Introductory Music Methods (2, 2) (4 credits)
    • MUSED 301: Techniques for Teaching Music to Children (2 credits)
    • MUSED 340: Music in Education (3 credits)
    • MUSED 452: Ethnomusicology in the Schools (3 credits)
    • MUSED 443: Choral Curriculum: Methods and Materials (3 credits)
    • MUSED 440: Music for Children (3 credits)
    • MUSED 465: Classroom Management and Evaluation in Music Education (3 credits)
    • MUSED 403: Part-time Student Teaching (6 credits)
    • Technique: Junior year: 2 quarters of study in one area: MUSAP 205 (strings), 210 (woodwinds or brass), 217 (percussion), or 218 (guitar) (4 credits)
    • Technique: Senior year: 2 quarters of study in one area: MUSAP 205 (strings), 210 (woodwinds or brass), 217 (percussion) or 218 (guitar) (4 credits)
    • Technique: Junior or Senior year: 1 quarter of study in one area: MUSAP 205 (strings), 210 (woodwinds or brass), 217 (percussion) or 218 (guitar) (2 credits)
    • MUSAP/MUSEN 389, MUSEN 100B, MUSEN 410, or MUSEN 411: World Music, Gospel Choir, Steel Band, or Gamelan (2 credits)
  • Ensemble Requirements
    • Participation in at least one School of Music ensemble is required during every quarter of applied music instruction.
      Choral: MUSEN 307, 350, or 351 (6 credits)
      : MUSEN 300 (Symphony); MUSEN 301 (Wind Ensemble); MUSEN 302 (Symphonic Band); MUSEN 303 (1 credit)
      Jazz: MUSEN 340, MUSIC 367, 368, 369, 467, 468, 469, or 388 (3 credits)
  • Piano Proficiency
    • Vocal students must satisfy a piano proficiency requirement equivalent to passing MUSAP 235.
    • Piano students satisfy the equivalent of vocal training at the 237 level.
  • Additional Major Requirements
    • EDC&I 494 (1 credit)
    • Educational elective (3 credits)

TOTAL NON-MUSIC CREDITS: 60 (Generally Satisfied by prior Bachelor's degree)

State of Washington K-12 Music Teaching Certification (Not a degree requirement)

  • MUSEC 404: Full-time Student Teaching (15 credits)

See the Degree Program Sheet below for a checklist of course requirements.

Bachelor of Music-Music Education, Post-Bac, Vocal Emphasis Degree Program Sheet (PDF)