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Master of Music in Jazz Studies and Improvised Music

Two Year Degree (65-27)

The following guide serves as a typical program of study (assuming no remedial work is necessary) upon which the Supervisory Committee develops each graduate student's particular program of study. It is the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee to assure an appropriate program of study for each student. It is within the Committee's purview to require additional courses that are not listed below, to substitute particular courses for others listed below, and to tailor the program to the needs of the student in anyway that it deems educationally mandated. The student needs to be certain that he/she is working directly with the Committee, and choosing courses that reflect the Committee's suggestions and requirements, at all times. For entrance requirements, please see our website: At least 30 credits must be taken at the University of Washington. The distribution of credits is given below.

Major Area: 31  
Enroll in performance study (private lessons) for 18 credits or until performance requirements are satisfied:  
  • MUSICP 526/double bass; MUSICP 531/saxophone; MUSICP 533/trumpet; MUSICP 534/trombone; MUSICP 538/guitar; MUSICP 537/percussion; MUSICP 541/mallet percussion (3 credits ea.)
    Note: Jazz percussion requirements may be satisfied as follows:
    • 12 credits of MUSICP 537 and 6 credits of MUSICP 541
    • 15 credits of MUSICP 541 and 3 credits of MUSICP 537
Pass a jury at the end of each year of private instruction unless a jury-approved recital has been completed  
Enroll in two ensembles each quarter private lessons are taken:  
  • MUSEN 504/Percussion Ensemble; MUSEN 545/Jazz Workshop; MUSEN 546/Studio Jazz Ensemble; MUSEN 584/Contemporary Group
    Note: Jazz percussion majors must take a minimum of 3 credits of MUSEN 504/Percussion Ensemble.
Complete a master’s recital prior to the master’s exam:  
  • MUSIC 559, Master’s Recital (3 credits) (A jury of divisional faculty must approve degree recitals.)
Other Studies: 15  
Complete coursework appropriate to the degree:  
  • Music Theory Electives: at least 3 credits of 400- or 500-level theory courses*
  • Seminar in Methods of Musical Research, MUHST 500 (3 credits)
  • Music History Electives: 3 credits from Music History courses at the 400- or 500-level
  • Jazz area: 6 credits from 400- or 500-level Ethnomusicology or Jazz History courses
Electives: 3  
Take at least 3 credits of approved electives at the 400- or 500-level 3
Complete MUSAP 235 (2 credits) or pass a piano proficiency exam at the equivalent level  

Total Credits: 49

  • Master’s Examination:
    • Non-thesis: Pass an oral master’s examination conducted by your Supervisory Committee.  A student may sign up for MUSIC 600 with a committee member or Supervisory Committee Chairperson in order to prepare for the exam. 

Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Only grades of 2.7 and above may be counted toward fulfilling graduate requirements. All graduate students must be familiar with the content of The University of Washington General Catalog Graduate Degree Policies. A student must satisfy the  requirements for the degree that are in force at the time the degree is to be awarded.

*MUSIC 400, 401, 402, 403, 410, 470, 471, 472, 485, 487, 489, 490, 496, 497, 526, 527, 528, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576, 577

Rev. 7/14