Director’s Welcome

JoAnn Taricani, Director, School of Music.
JoAnn Taricani, Director, School of Music.

I want to welcome you to our School of Music at the University of Washington. Our community includes our students, staff, faculty, and audiences, who come together to create and engage in music that emanates from regions around the globe and across millennia of musical creation. Our music originates in locations extending from Vienna, to Beijing, to the songs of the Yakama heritage. Our concerts reach back to the year 1000 and move forward to pieces newly created on stage as an audience listens. 

We are dedicated to creating an environment of educational and artistic excellence in our faculty and students by cultivating creativity, academic discovery, and a wide range of diverse cultures. As a comprehensive School of Music established within one of the world’s finest public research universities, our School is deeply engaged in the creation, practice, scholarship, and pedagogy of music.

We value innovation, which requires space for exploration, experimentation, and the development of an inventive spirit.  We challenge our students and faculty to approach their art and disciplines with new ideas and in new alignments: from recreating Baroque styles to generating new notations and techniques.  In advancing the creativity of music, we support the disruption of received wisdom and accept the risk of failure, knowing that originality can arise from these exhilarating leaps.

Our goal is to make the expression and discovery of music inclusive to all who wish to participate in it and to absorb it, hoping the power of the performing arts will reach many populations and communities. To this end, we strive to include as many perspectives as possible, creating a varied web from the many individual visions that comprise musical expression.

Excellence at the UW School of Music requires discipline, a willingness to take artistic risks, and a persistent desire to make a difference. Our School has attracted outstanding faculty and students, who challenge and inspire each other. 

As part of a public research university, we are motivated by the extraordinary discovery found in the leading fields of study across our campus, and we benefit from the tradition of excellence which encourages bold ideas for the public good.

Whether you are arriving at our School of Music for a few hours or a few years, our community welcomes your engagement as a musician, scholar, or listener.   

JoAnn Taricani
Director, School of Music
Professor of Music History