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David Alexander Rahbee, director of orchestral activities
The UW Chamber Orchestra is among community groups performing in the Jan. 27 Music of Remembrance  ‘Art from Ashes’ concert commemorating 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. Seattle Journalist Tom Keogh writes about the upcoming performance in the  Jan. 23 issue of Crosscut magazine. Read the article here...
Faculty Improv band Indigo Mist (Photo: courtesy Seattle Channel)
UW Music faculty members Cuong Vu, Richard Karpen, Juan Pampin, Ted Poor, and Steve Rodby are Indigo Mist. These five brilliant musicians, all of whom are faculty in the music department at the University of Washington, compose experimental music through improvisation that is beautiful, jarring, and everything in between.  Learn more about the group and its creative process in this video from Seattle Channel's Art Zone, created by Randy Eng.... Read more
Barry Lieberman (Photo: Steve Korn).
Barry Lieberman, a 30-year member of the School of Music faculty, announces his retirement as the UW’s double bass instructor, effective in June 2020. A former principal bassist of the Winnepeg Symphony, Lieberman served for 17 years as Associate Principal Bassist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic before relocating to Seattle in the early 1990s. At the School of Music, where he is an Artist-In-Residence in the strings program, he has hosted for more than 25 years the School of... Read more
Music Ed alumnus Kevin Clayton (center) was recently named Washington State Teacher of the Year by the Washington Music Educators Association (Photo: Pasco School District).
An alumnus and a professor of the University of Washington School of Music received top honors recently from the Washington State Music Educators Association (WMEA). Music Education alumnus Kevin Clayton, now director of instrumental music at Chiawana High School in Pasco, Washington, has been named the Washington Music Educators Association 2020 High School Music Educator of the Year. UW Music Education Professor Patricia Shehan Campbell, meanwhile, was named 2020 Educator of... Read more
Singer bathed in purple light
From the first soothing lullabies babies hear to the funereal dirges that accompany the deceased, music is a fixture of the human experience. The latest findings on the cultural basis of singing have ascertained that certain song types—whether lullaby, dance, love or healing melodies—turn up in all cultures. And each kind of song has common cross-cultural acoustic features.  Shannon Dudley, School of Music Ethnomusicology professor, discusses what makes a song in this article published in... Read more