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Deep Listening Band
Deep Listening Band

The composer collective Deep Listening Band (Seattle trombonist and School of Music emeritus professor Stuart Dempster, keyboardist David Gamper, and accordionist Pauline Oliveros) elevates improvisational music with a passion (and reputation) for site-specific pieces that respond to the unique tone and resonance of physical spaces.

Celebrating more than 20 years together, the acclaimed group has honed its experimental voice in a two-million-gallon cistern, an old limestone quarry, and a lava cave. Now, after a week-long residency absorbing Town Hall's unique aural qualities, DLB presents a surround-sound concert featuring the premiere of Great Howl and Town Haul, enhanced by the Expanded Instrument System tonal time machine and state-of-the-art sound from the University of Washington's Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media.

This event is presented by University of Washington School of Music, the UW Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media, and Town Hall.

Ticket information and details are available here.