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UW Music faculty member Steve Rodby (Photo: Steve Korn)
Bassist Steve Rodby and composer Yiğit Kolat join the School of Music faculty in Fall 2018, bringing internationally recognized expertise and talent to the Jazz Studies and Composition programs.  Steve Rodby, Jazz Studies Bassist Steve Rodby joins the School of Music Jazz Studies faculty in Fall 2018. A 15-time Grammy winner known for his work as a studio musician, record producer/editor, and longtime member of the Pat Metheny... Read more
Faculty pianist Cristina Valdés (Photo: Virginia Valdes)
Cristina Valdés has a lot on her plate, this year and every year. The faculty pianist maintains a rigorous teaching and performance schedule that leaves little time for dallying, or even a proper lunch. On a recent afternoon at the Music Building she is heating leftovers for a quick bite before an appointment with one of her UW piano students and reflecting on all that lies ahead, both in the very immediate future and many months from now. She has twenty minutes and a lot of ground to cover,... Read more
flyer image for the THEME lecture series
A fall colloquium at the School of Music convenes faculty and students from Music Theory, History, Ethnomusicology, and Music Education (THEME), along with visiting scholars in those areas of study.  The fall quarter THEME lecture series runs select Friday afternoons through late November in the School of Music Fishbowl. The series kicked off Friday, Oct. 5 with a presentation by Neil Lerner of... Read more
UW Jazz Studies Faculty Ted Poor (Photo: Piper Hanson)
A special class section offered this fall at the School of Music is a learning experience for both teacher and students, a convergence of roles for one musician whose life is divided between his life as a performer and life as a teacher. University of Washington student Elias Hampton signed up for a special section of MUSAP 389/589 at the School of Music this quarter not really knowing what to expect, but drawn by the fact that it would give him an extra opportunity to study closely with... Read more
Shannon Dudley
Posted at The Whole U on September 21, 2018 by Matthew Leib It’s a instrument unlike any you’ve ever seen or heard. Tracing its origins to early 20th century Trinidad, the steel pan is constructed by hammering notes into the sunken bottom of an oil drum and played using... Read more