Summer Reading: Recommended reading on diversity, equity, and inclusion from UW Music Education

Collage of book covers

 UW Music Education students and faculty have assembled a list of notable books on the subjects of diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom and beyond.

"At a challenging time in the history of our American schools and society, professional music educators will do well to read and reflect upon issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially as they are relevant to the reform of curricular design and instructional practice,” the program noted recently on its social media channels. "Summer reading recommendations follow, with many thanks to Chris Mena, Juliana Cantarelli Vita, Giuliana Conti, and Elisabeth Crabtree, and the UW Music Education faculty." 

  • Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow.
  • Anderson, Carol. White Rage.
  • Baldwin, James. The Fire Next Time.
  • Brown, Dee. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.
  • Davis, Angela Y. Freedom is a Constant Struggle. 
  • DiAngelo, Robin. White Fragility.
  • Huston, Zora Neal. Their Eyes Were Watching God.
  • Kozol, Jonathan. Savage Inequalities.
  • Kendi, Ibram X. How to be an Antiracist.
  • Kendi. Stamped from the Beginning.
  • Kendi (with Jason Reynolds). Stamped. 
  • Noah, Trevor. Born a Crime.
  • Noguera, Pedro. The Problem with Black Boys.
  • Steele, Claude. Whistling Vivaldi.
  • Takakai, Ronald. A Different Mirror.
  • Tatum, Beverly Daniel. Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
  • Valenzuela, Angela. Subtractive School.
  • Ward, Jesmyn. The Fire This Time. 
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