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Arts and Sciences Perspectives: Celebrating Contemporary Indigenous Music

Submitted by Humanities Web Project on June 3, 2024 - 5:00pm
Student jazz guitarist (Mark Stone photo).
Jazz Studies guitarist Markus Teuton (Photo: Mark Stone/UW Photography).

School of Music student Markus Teuton, graduating in June 2024 with a BM in Jazz Studies and a BA in Comparative History of Ideas, is featured in this article by Nancy Joseph of Arts and Sciences Perspectives.

Markus Teuton (Cherokee Nation) spent years listening to bands perform at Seattle’s annual Folklife Festival. This May, he took the stage with his own band, Joint Souls. Made up of UW jazz musicians, Joint Souls performed songs written by Teuton.

“I’d been going to Folklife since I was a kid,” Teuton says of the milestone performance. “To be playing there as a performer was a full circle experience. It was surreal.”

Weeks after Folklife, Teuton has reached another milestone: He's graduating from the University of Washington, earning a double degree in jazz studies and comparative history of ideas in the College of Arts & Sciences. The two majors enabled Teuton to explore music from multiple perspectives, including performance, history, and culture. One area of particular interest has been contemporary Indigenous music.

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