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Violinist Rachel Lee Priday (Photo: Sammi Bushman, UW Daily)
“It’s like learning to fry eggs with your left hand while painting a picture with your right hand.”  This is how Ronald Patterson, professor of violin at the UW, described the challenging process of mastering the instrument.  With the recent appointment of Rachel Lee Priday to the position of assistant professor of violin, Patterson will no longer be alone while guiding students through this process. This article appeared in the October 28 issue of the UW Daily. Read more... Read more
Gabriel Kahane appears at the Meany Center in November 2019.
School of Music faculty and students are featured artists in upcoming performances presented by Meany Center for the Performing Arts. The UW Chamber Singers (Geoffrey Boers, director) provide the live soundtrack for a new work included in “Come to Your Senses,” a program by the internationally renowned Pilobolus dance troupe to be presented at Meany Center Nov.... Read more
Mallets from Harry Partch Instrument collection
The School of Music hosts a celebration of historical experimental percussion music spotlighting hidden gems, trailblazers, and a farewell celebration for the Harry Partch Instrumentarium at the University of Washington. With guest percussionist Allen Otte, The Harry Partch Ensemble, students of the UW Percussion Studio, and faculty directors Bonnie Whiting and Charles Corey. Highlights: Performance of John Cage's Credo in US with the newly-discovered original text from the 1942... Read more
Organ Professor Carole Terry (Photo: Steve Korn)
Longtime UW organ professor Carole Terry retired in June after 40 years on the School of Music faculty. She stopped by the Music Building during fall quarter to reflect upon her life in music, her not-so-secret love of rock-and-roll, and plans for the immediate future, in which "furthering the cause of the pipe organ" (in her words) continues to figure prominently.  Q and A: UW Organ Professor Carole Terry When did you begin studying and performing... Read more
Taro Kobayashi (BM guitar, '14) has entered St Hugh's College, Oxford, to pursue a Master of Philosophy in Music.
School of Music students and alumni report recent academic appointments, performances, career milestones and other notable achievements. The Department of Special Collections of Stanford Libraries has appointed Music History alumnus Ben L. Albritton (PhD Music History) as its Rare Book Curator.  He began his new assignment this past June. Stanford Libraries rare book collection is extensive with an estimated size in excess of 265,000 titles. Albritton joins the Special... Read more