School of Music COVID-19 Resources

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The resources on this page outline ways in which the staff, faculty, and leadership of the School of Music are preparing to keep students and the broader community safe and informed in Spring 2021 and beyond.  

Protocols have been developed in alignment with University of Washington and Washington state guidelines and following expert considerations from national performance and educational organizations.

This page will be updated frequently as new details become available. This page was most recently updated on March 8, 2021. 

Current UW Plans for Spring 2021

The university’s plans for Spring Quarter may be found here. The University of Washington’s Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses are in Healthy Washington Phase 2. Face coverings are required and telework is strongly encouraged. Learn more.

Public performance

Live performance in the state of Washington is under restrictions outlined here. The School of Music has been streaming some events and concerts. Students performing degree recitals in Spring 2021 may make arrangements for online performance with their instructors and may choose to livestream their concerts if equipment is available. Please consult the School of Music website for updated information on streamed or future performances.  

Campus Protocols

UW Coronavirus Resources

Enhanced safety and public health measures for Spring 2021 include protocols for contact tracing, sanitization, and distancing.

  • Masks required in all UW campus spaces.

  • Distancing required in all indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Students who are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home or in their residence halls and should immediately see a physician or visit Hall Health for testing.

  • Access to practice rooms is through an online reservation system. 

  • Students must bring folding music stands to all activities requiring music stands. Students who need to borrow stands may email  

Detailed guidelines and resources for the UW-wide campus community may be found at the link above. 

Spring 2021 Ensemble Auditions

Audition Details

A mixture of online and in-person instruction is offered in Spring 2021. Most auditions will be conducted via video submission. Click the link above for detailed audition information for each performance ensemble. 

Practice Rooms

Though the Music Building will remain closed during Springr Quarter, a limited number of practice rooms will be available for use each day. Current priority is being given to music majors and students in private lessons and small ensembles. We are evaluating access for others and will update your instructor if practice rooms are made available to a wider selection of students.

Students who fall within the above listed categories are required to complete a practice room agreement and attend a COVID-19 training before being allowed to reserve keys for practice rooms. Please email Jenifer Moreland at to be sent the agreement and information about the trainings.

Approved students must reserve practice room space via the online EMS system:

Reserve Practice Space


Lessons will be available both in person and online; for in-person lessons, both the instructor and the student need to agree that they are willing to participate in the live lesson. For all lessons that are in person, masks must be worn and distancing observed (at least six feet, more for wind, brass, and voice lessons). As with all activities in Spring, no one with symptoms of a respiratory illness may have a live lesson. Some lessons will be taught in classrooms, not studios, to provide more space between instructor and student. Please contact your instructor for information on how the lessons will be conducted.  

International Students

Students who will be entering or returning to the country from their homes in other countries should consult the information provided by International Student Services, which provides regular updates at the link above. 

Also, students entering the country should carry copies of their course schedules as screenshots or paper copies. MUSICP (performance lessons) and MUSEN (music ensembles) are in-person courses. The School of Music wishes all students safe trips to the United States.   

Activities in the School of Music 

Guidelines, safety measures and other information specific to each area. Click the links below for more information. Details under development. 

  • Large Ensembles (Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Bands) 
    There will be no large ensemble rehearsals in Spring 2021 for Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and other band ensembles. Ensembles will be divided into smaller groups with rehearsals and performances held in large spaces, or virtually. Please contact the ensemble directors for more detailed information. Choral ensembles are described elsewhere.
  • Modern Music Ensemble
    Modern Music Ensemble will be divided into smaller groups with rehearsals and performances held in large spaces, or virtually. Please contact the ensemble director for more detailed information. 
  • Chamber Music
    Please contact your instructor for detailed information. 
  • Choral Activities
    Choral ensembles will meet this spring with various modes of delivery, including online rehearsals. Please contact the choral ensemble directors for more information. 
  • Jazz Studies
    Most courses will be taught remotely. All auditions, including MUSEN 345 (445, 545) jazz workshop auditions (small ensembles/jazz combos) and MUSEN 546 A - Studio Jazz Ensemble (Big Band) will be conducted virtually via pre-recorded video. 
  • Percussion Ensembles
    Percussion Ensemble will meet with various modes of delivery.
  • Academic Courses
    Academic courses are mostly being offered online, at the times listed in the Time Schedule. Please consult instructors with questions you may have.  
  • Conducting
    Please check with each instructor regarding plans for conducting classes. 

Fall 2021 Admissions/Auditions

Students applying for Autumn 2021 admission will follow an entrance process developed in accordance with University of Washington and state of Washington safety guidelines. Find answers to some frequently asked questions here. 

Other Resources

State of Washington Safe Start Plan

UW Hall Health (Campus Health Center)

UW Carelink (Wellness resources for faculty and staff)

Emergency Student Aid (Financial aid resources, food assistance, Seattle campus)