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Brechemin Auditorium

Piano player in Brechemin Auditorium

Brechemin Auditorium is the main hall for lectures and recitals given at the School of Music. It is located on the first floor of the Music Building, and it seats 219. Every year, many guests, faculty members, and students give lectures and performances in this space.

Brechemin Auditorium is on the east end of the School of Music’s main floor in the Music Building.

There is a ramp at the west (main) entrance as well as access at the School of Music’s northeast entrance.



Guide to Using Brechemin Auditorium

School of Music faculty and students may view availability and request use of select classroom and performance spaces via the school's EMS calendar system. Students may request space for degree recitals, rehearsal, classroom, and meeting spaces as appropriate. Faculty may request spaces for classroom, rehearsal and performance activities, and to reserve or browse space for hosting visiting scholars and artists. Learn more here.

RENTING BRECHEMIN AUDITORIUM - Outside groups for non UW Music program activities
The School of Music does not rent Brechemin Auditorium to outside groups for non UW Music program activities. 

When reserving Brechemin Auditorium, you will be given a key ring holding two keys:

  • J25AC2 –  Brechemin Auditorium, backstage door (Rm 125), piano closet, recording booth & backstage restroom
  • Small key –   Steinway piano lock

The loss of a Brechemin Auditorium recital keychain could cost you up to $250.00. The School of Music re-keys every door for which a key is lost, stolen or not returned. 

It’s best to enter the hall via the backstage door (room 125), in case the auditorium lights are off.  Once you get to the stage door, the light panel will be on your right.  Our typical concert lighting is listed on the panel, but is:

  • All house lights OFF
  • All 8 spotlights ON (if you wish)
  • 2 rows of overhead lights on (if you wish. You must press the “stage” button for one of the rows to light up.

The Stage Manager assigned to your recital will work them the day of your concert, as well as clear the stage of excess items, etc.

Make sure the projector in the overhead booth is OFF! If it’s not, a huge logo will project onto the curtains when you turn out the house lights. To do so, follow these steps:

1.  Stand onstage and look above the seats to the booth upstairs. 
2.  If you see a blue light, the projector is ON.  Turn it off via the OFF button on the lectern. 
3.  If the lectern is already offstage, you’ll need to roll it back onstage, plug it in, and then turn it off. 

You’ll perform on the 9’ Steinway.  If it’s not onstage already, it’s in the piano closet.  It rolls easily, but be careful not to hit the doorframe.  If the piano lock is on, the small key will open it. 

Humidity regulators are installed under the pianos. Unplug them before moving, and plug them back in when you’re finished. 

Please remove the piano cover and place it on a chair backstage. Do not place items on top of piano. At the end of your program, place piano cover back on to prevent scratches, etc.   

Please review the full Brechemin Auditorium piano care document prior to piano use.

Please put the keyboard lock back on the big Steinway.  If you feel comfortable moving it back inside the closet (where it normally lives), go ahead and do so.  If not, feel free to leave it onstage, but please put the lock back on and cover it.

  • Please reset the stage for morning classes.
  • Lock the front doors to Brechemin Auditorium (including the stage entrance door, Room 125).
  • Failure to reset the stage will result in a $50.00 fine.  Signs are posted backstage with instructions. 

A restroom is backstage, and the key is on the keyring.  The women’s restroom is on this floor.  The men’s restroom is one floor up or down.

Drink & snack machines are 1 floor down, in the hallway. No food is allowed in Brechemin Auditorium.  

For information about recording your event in Brechemin, please see Photo Guide to Using the Brechemin Auditorium Sound Recording System


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