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Inverted Space: Washington Composers Forum concert

Friday, April 24, 2015 - 7:30pm
Modern Music Ensemble (Inverted Space)
Modern Music Ensemble

Inverted Space and Washington Composers Forum team up to feature new music from five young composers, who are the finalists of a recent call for scores organized by the Inverted Space Ensemble.

The Inverted Space Ensemble is the University of Washington’s modern music ensemble, focusing both on “classic modern” works of the twentieth century and new works of emerging composers. Inverted Space has recently presented Stockhausen’s Kreuzspiel in concert as well as works by Saariaho, Sciarrino, Scelsi, and Vivier, among others. Inverted Space presents contemporary music in contemporary venues, bringing performances of new classical music into the Seattle community through diverse programming, adventurous performance spaces, and casual concerts.

 More information is available here.
radicalOtherness by Onur Dülger
Burning a Name with Black Edges by Whitney George
Like you mean it by Michal Raymond Massoud
Torn Cubist by Scott Rubin
When the War Began by Nick Vasallo