Music of Today: DXARTS: Music of Elainie Lillios & UW Graduate Composers

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 7:30pm
$15 ($10 students/seniors)
Composer Elainie Lillios
Composer Elainie Lillios (Photo: courtesy the artist)

This concert co-presented by the School of Music and the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Music features music by composer Elainie Lillios and along with the latest ambisonic compositions from UW graduate composers. 

Artist Bio: Elainie Lillios
Elainie Lillios's music reflects her fascination with listening, sound, space, time, immersion and anecdote. Her music explores many sound worlds; sometime referential ones such as the human voice, cars, wind chimes, or water. Other times her materials are less obvious, like crunching branches, walking through snow or pebbles shuffling in water. Her research interests include sound diffusion as the performance practice of electroacoustic music, audio spatialization employing Ambisonics (3D audio), critical listening as a creative aid and Deep Listening.

Series Background
The University of Washington School of Music and The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) co-sponsor this series featuring groundbreaking new works and modern classics by faculty and guest composers.

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