Faculty Performance: Bonnie Whiting, percussion

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 7:30pm
Percussionist Bonnie Whiting
Percussionist Bonnie Whiting's debut recording on the Mode Records label features works by John Cage for speaking percussionist (Photo: courtesy the artist).

Bonnie Whiting, head of the UW's Percussion Studies program, performs music from her newly released Mode Records debut, 51'15.657" for a speaking percussionist—two vintage 1950s works by composer John Cage.


51'15.657" for a speaking percussionist is Bonnie Whiting's realization of a solo simultaneous performance of John Cage's 45' for a speaker and 27'10.554" for a percussionist. These are vintage pieces, music from the mid-50's and part of a series of timed works that Cage enjoyed mixing together and referred to in notes and letters as "the ten thousand things."

A culmination of 14 months of work and study, Whiting's version is the first to feature one performer executing both pieces in their entirety. Cage subjected several of his lectures to chance procedures, and the result is his quirky and imaginative 45' for a speaker. This version of Cage's percussion score is a fusion of traditional percussion instruments and found-objects.

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