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(Im)migration: Music of Displaced Peoples

Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 4:00pm
  • (Im)migration Music of Displaced Peoples

Piano Professor Robin McCabe produces this quarterly series highlighting music by composers affected by diasporas and migrations.  Each performance includes a pre-concert lecture by a UW faculty scholar. The fall quarter performance includes UW music students performing works by Bartok, Chopin, Schoenberg, Hindemith, and Castelnuovo-Tedesco, as well as a pre-concert lecture by UW Music History faculty member John Hanford.

Pre-concert lecture, John Hanford, UW Music History: 
“A Banquet of Antecedent(s) and Consequences”

Brechemin Auditorium
Lecture: 4 pm
Concert: 4:30 pm   


Bartok: “Contrasts”  

Chopin: Polonaise-Fantaisie,

Schoenberg: Six Pieces for piano

Hindemith: Sonata for Flute and Piano  

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Sonatina for Flute and Guitar

Scholar Bio 

John C. Hanford (Photo: Steve Korn).

John Hanford has performed and studied music in Seattle for over 40 years. His main musicological interest is in the field of American popular music. He holds degrees in both political history and musicology from the University of Washington. In addition to teaching music history at his alma mater, Hanford gives guitar instruction and regularly performs and records with several rhythm and blues, country & western, jazz, and rock'n' roll bands. Since 2003, he has been guitarist for The Wailers, a seminal Northwest band founded in 1959.