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CANCELED: Harry Partch Ensemble

Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 7:30pm
$10 all tickets
Harry Partch Instrumentarium, photo Steve Korn

This concert has been cancelled due to expected inclement weather on Sat. Feb. 9. Advance ticket refunds available at point of purchase. A new date for this performance to be announced soon.  

Works by Harry Partch and other contemporary composers are featured in this performance featuring Partch’s hand-made musical instruments, which are in long-term residence at the UW under the direction of composer and Partch expert Charles Corey. Program highlights include Delirium, by Elizabeth Brown, and Partch's Castor and Pollux.


Bless This Home (1961)                                                                                           Harry Partch

                                                                                                          text by Vincenzo Prockelo

                        Logan Esterling, Oboe

                        Luke Fitzpatrick, Adapted Viola, Intoning Voice

                        Charles Corey, Harmonic Canon, Kithara I

                        Paul Hansen, Mazda Marimba


from And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma (1964, 1966)                          Harry Partch

            Verse 4

            Verse 21


Madeline Meek, Koto

Charles Corey, Chromelodeon II

Mason Lynass, Bass Marimba

Isaac Anderson, Spoils of War


Weslos(2018)                                                                                                           Chris Otto

                        Charles Corey, Harmonic Canon

                        Luke Fitzpatrick, Harmonic Canon

                        Jeff Bowen, Kithara II

                        Emily Acri, Chromelodeon I

                        Paul Hansen, Diamond Marimba

                        Ed Cunneen, Bass Marimba

                        Dick Valentine, Marimba Eroica

                        Sarah Kolat, Gourd Tree, Cone Gongs

                        Alessandra Barrett, Cloud-Chamber Bowls


The Letter (1943, 1955)                                                                                          Harry Partch

                                                                                                    text collected by Harry Partch

                        Dick Valentine, Intoning Voice, Diamond Marimba

                        Paul Hansen, Harmonic Canon

                        Charles Corey, Kithara II

                        Peter Bastedo, Surrogate Kithara

                        Carol Levin, Bass Marimba


from Eleven Intrusions (1949-1950)                                                                         Harry Partch                        III.        The Rose                                  Text by Ella Young

  1. The Crane                            Text by Ki no Tsurayuki, translated by Arthur Waley
  2. The Waterfall                                                                         Text by Ella Young


            Patrick Perkins, Adapted Guitar II, Intoning Voice

            Charles Corey, Diamond Marimba


Two Settings from Lewis Carroll (1954)                                                                    Harry Partch

                                                                                                                 Text by Lewis Carroll

  1. The Mock Turtle Song
  2. O Frabjous Day!


                        Charles Corey, Surrogate Kithara, Harmonic Canon

                        Bonnie Whiting, Spoils of War, Bass Marimba, Intoning Voice





Delirium (1997)                                                                                                Elizabeth Brown

  1. Tremelodeon
  2. Wildflower
  • Alabama Rondo


                        Natalie Ham, Flute

                        Chris Young, Cello

                        Steven Damouni, Keyboard

                        Charles Corey, Harmonic Canon

                        Peter Tracy, Kithara II

                        Paul Hansen, Diamond Marimba

                        Rebekah Ko, Bamboo Marimba


from Even Wild Horses (1952)                                                                                 Harry Partch

                                                                                                             text by Arthur Rimbaud

            Act I Scene 2     Rhythm of the Womb – Melody of the Grave

            Act II Scene 1    “Nor These Lips Upon Your Eyes”


                        Alessandra Barrett, Adapted Viola

                        Jeff Bowen, Adapted Guitar III, Intoning Voice

                        Charles Corey, Harmonic Canon, Spoils of War

                        Emily Acri, Kithara II

                        Laure Struber, Chromelodeon I

                        Ed Cunneen, Bass Marimba

                        Paul Hansen, Bass Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls


Castor & Pollux (1952)                                                                                            Harry Partch

                        Charles Corey, Harmonic Canon

                        Jeff Bowen, Kithara II

                        Luke Fitzpatrick, Surrogate Kithara

                        Paul Hansen, Diamond Marimba

                        Rebekah Ko, Bass Marimba

                        Marcin Pączkowski, Bass Marimba

                        Declan Sullivan, Cloud-Chamber Bowls

Special thanks to Marcin Pączkowski and Doug Niemela for technical assistance with this program.

Director Bio

Charles Corey is an American composer holding degrees in Music Composition and Theory from the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D.) and Montclair State University (M.A., B.Mus.).  Among his teachers are Robert Aldridge, Trevor Björklund, Patrick Burns, Dean Drummond, Eric Moe, Mathew Rosenblum and Amy Williams. His approach to composition exploits and subverts the relationships that exist between different tuning systems; the results of this process range from pieces that use standard tuning systems in unique ways to works that involve multiple tuning systems working in concert.  His compositions are known for their unexpected, evocative harmonies and their strong dramatic arcs.  His music has been played by a variety of performers including Cikada Ensemble, IonSound Project, Iktus Percussion, entelechron, and Relâche, and his writings have been published in several languages.