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External Event: DXARTS Winter Concert: 75 years of acousmatic music

Annette Vande Gorne
Annette Vande Gorne (Photo: Chantale Laplante)

The University of Washington Digital Arts and Experimental Media presents its Winter Quarter concert, “A la recherche d’une musique concrète.” 

Program Detail

2023 marks the 75th year of musique concrète with the premiere of Pierre Schaeffer’s Cinq études de bruits (Five Studies of Noises), composed and premiered in 1948. In celebration, the Department of Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) is pleased to host Annette Vande Gorne, who will present a program of recent work from the pioneers of this art of spatial sound crafted for an orchestra of loudspeakers.


Vox Alia cycle [1992 - 2022] - Annette Vande Gorne

  1. Affetti
  2. Cathedrals
  3. Vox Intima

- Intermission -

Persona (Adventures in listening I) [2020 - 2021] - François Bayle

Somme toute (All in all ) [2022] - Francis Dhomont

Haïkus: New Year's Day [2020] - Annette Vande Gorne

  1. Fireworks (after Debussy)
  2. Celebration Day

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