Leading Questions: Stuart Dempster and Bill Smith

Stuart Dempster and Bill Smith
Professors Emeriti Stuart Dempster (left) and William O. Smith reunite for a performance at Meany Theater on Oct. 26 (Photo: Steve Korn)

Milestone birthdays and 50 years of collaborative music-making reunite two of the UW’s all-time favorite music professors Oct. 26 at Meany Theater when professors emeriti Stuart Dempster and William O. “Bill” Smith present  “Eighty and Ninety” on the School’s Music of Today Series. The musicians forged their friendship in the late 1960s when both were young professors at the School of Music and key members of the school’s Contemporary Group, a Rockefeller Foundation-supported ensemble that achieved national acclaim under the directorship of composer William Bergsma. Photographer Steve Korn caught up with the professors recently in a special UW edition of his ongoing blog series Leading Questions, in which the subject is given a few words as a prompt, with the subject completing the phrase in his or her own words. Click the links below for each subject's interview. 

Leading Questions with Bill Smith

Leading Questions with Stuart Dempster

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