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Recital FAQ

Please read these FAQs before booking your degree recital in Brechemin Auditorium

Degree Recital Scheduling

How do I schedule a recital?

In order to request use of a space in the Music Building, please use the UW School of Music Reservation System:

  • Degree Recitals: Visit the UW Music Reservation System, navigate to the "Reservations" tab drop-down menu and select "Schedule a Degree Recital".  The next steps will be outlined for you.
  • HINT:  If you get stuck, just click on the "?" in the upper right-hand corner of each section to receive instructions on the next step. 
  • NOTE:  DO NOT use “Request a Space” under the Reservations tab when scheduling a degree recital. You must use "Schedule a Degree Recital". If you do not, your request will not be approved.
  •  Email the School of Music calendar administrator at with questions.

Once you have submitted your Degree Recital Request, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days that your request has been received.  This means that your date/time is now on hold.  This same email will be sent to your private instructor.  Your instructor will need to send email confirmation that they approve of your selected date and time within 1 week of your request. Following instructor approval, your reservation will be confirmed. If confirmation from your instructor is not received within this time frame, your reservation will be denied.  For this reason, be sure to double check your instructor's availability prior to requesting a recital date.

  • Non-degree Recitals:  Visit the UW Music Reservation System, navigate to the "Reservations" tab drop-down menu and select "Request a Space". Move through the steps as you would for any other space request. Contact the main office staff at with questions regarding non-degree recital scheduling.

How do I schedule rehearsals, recital jury, or a reception?

Rehearsals, recital juries, and receptions can be requested through the online system and through your existing reservation.  Once you have requested a date and time for your Degree Recital, you will be able to request rehearsal time(s), schedule your jury, and request use of the Fishbowl, if you would like to have a reception. 

You can do this only after your recital request has been submitted:

  1. Under the Reservations tab, choose “View My Requests”.
  2. Then click on the name of your recital.  (This will take you to an editing page.) 
  3. From here, choose:  “Add Booking”. Please title your booking with "Name, event (rehearsal, jury, or reception)"

This search process works in the same way as recital scheduling. You will still need faculty approval and you will receive a separate confirmation for each space request within 1-2 business days of making the request.

Please note:  Rehearsals should be booked in 2-hour blocks.  Fall and Winter recitalists are allowed two 2-hour rehearsals.  Spring recitalists are allowed only one 2-hour rehearsal.  These 2-hour blocks cannot be split into separate rehearsals. 

What is a recital jury and when does it take place?

The recital jury is a short run-through of your recital in front of your instructor, plus 1-3 other faculty members, to ensure that you’re ready to give the recital.  No single instructor can approve a recital.  The jury should take place at least three weeks before your recital, so the date can be postponed if the committee feels you’re not ready.

  • Recital Jury Approval Formdownload form  This form requires the signatures of your instructor and your jury (1-3 other faculty members. For doctoral candidates, at least one member of the Graduate Faculty must be present at the recital jury and sign the form). It goes into your permanent file to serve as partial documentation of your recital. Email the signed form to your Advisor (Graduates: Brenda Banks; Undergraduates: Leann Martin) as a jpeg or PDF, or turn in the signed form to the Advising Office in Room 116. This form is due any time after your jury and prior to your recital. 

When should I schedule my recital?

As a general rule, the closer it gets to your preferred recital date, the less options you will have.  Always be sure to confirm your instructor and accompanist’s availability prior to requesting your recital date and time.

If you are planning an Autumn or Winter Recital, schedule it 3 or more months in advance.  Spring Quarter scheduling can be much more difficult due to the large number of performances occurring in Brechemin.  For this reason, please schedule your Spring Quarter Recital 4-5 months in advance, whenever possible. We cannot guarantee Brechemin availability for all recitals.

Note: Recitals that are not a degree requirement are not allowed in Brechemin during Spring quarter.

Who needs to be at my recital?

Your studio instructor MUST be present at your degree recital. Using the “Browse”, be sure to find several available dates and times in case your instructor is not available on your desired date.  Once you've found several dates and times, please check with your instructor first to find out which date they can attend before making your reservation. 

How much rehearsal time can I have in Brechemin Auditorium?

  • Autumn and Winter recitals:      4 hours (divided into 2 two-hour blocks)
  • Spring recitals:     2 hours (1 two-hour block)

Rehearsal time in Brechemin is subject to hall availability. If Brechemin is not available, you may be able to schedule Rm 213 or another location for your rehearsal – please contact the Main Office ( for more information.

What time do recitals take place in Brechemin?

Degree recitals should be scheduled in 3-hour blocks, to provide time for set-up/warm-up, for the recital itself, and for take-down/mingling. 

Weekend recitals must be requested in the following timeslots:

  • 9:30am-12:30pm (approx. 10:30 performance)
  • 12:30pm - 3:30pm (approx. 1:30 performance)
  • 3:30pm - 6:30pm (approx. 4:30 performance)
  • 6:30pm - 9:30pm (approx. 7:30 performance)

Weekday recitals are only allowed in the evening, 6:30pm - 9:30pm (approx. 7:30 performance).

Requests for recitals that do not follow this schedule will not be approved.

Are there certain dates I should avoid when scheduling my recital?

In Autumn, avoid having your recital the same date as a Huskies football game to avoid traffic and parking problems. Click here for the Husky Football Game schedule.

In Winter, avoid scheduling the same day as auditions.  For more information, visit the Audition Dates page online. 

Where do I get keys to Brechemin?

A few days before your first rehearsal, pick up the keys to Brechemin from the Main Music Office.  You’ll get keys to Brechemin, the backstage restroom, the recording booth, the piano closet, and, if requested, the piano lock.  Be sure to return the keys on the day after your recital/rehearsal. 

Will there be a stage manager at my recital?

No. We are not able to provide stage managers for student recitals. That means that you will be responsible for picking up a key from the Main Music Office BEFORE your recital, and also for setting the stage for the morning’s lectures if you are the last person in the room. If you do not reset the stage, you will be charged a $50 fine. 

Please see Recital Recordings and Tech Info below for more detailed information.

Do I have to pay to use Brechemin or the Fishbowl?

  • Degree Recitals:  No. There is no charge to use Brechemin for your degree-required recital or for using the Fishbowl for a reception.
  • Non-degree Recitals:  If the recital is NOT a degree requirement, a fee may apply.  Please contact the main office staff at for details. You will also need to request the use of Brechemin or other Music Building spaces through the UW School of Music Reservation System:  Use the drop-down menue “Reservations” – Request a Space.  NOTE:  do not use “Schedule a Recital”, as this is for Degree Recitals only.

Can I charge an admission fee to my recital?

No, students cannot charge admission to their recitals or place a donation bin in the area. 

Recital Cancellations

 I’m canceling my recital.  What do I do?

  • If you made your recital reservation through the UW School of Music Reservation System (EMS), then you can cancel your entire recital at any time.  When you do, be sure that ALL booking (rehearsals and Fishbowl reservations) are cancelled at the same time.  HINT:  Choose “Cancel All Bookings” from your My Requests home screen. 
  • Your instructor will not cancel your recital for you; you must do this yourself.
  • In addition, you MUST inform the following people as soon as you know you are canceling your recital: 
  1. Calendar administrator (, Main Music Office, (206) 543-1201
  2. The Piano Technicians (if you turned in a Keyboard Request Form).  Doug Wood, Room 12-A, 206-543-3514, (
  3. For Undergraduates only: Leann Martin, Room 116, 206-543-1239,

What happens if you don’t inform the people above? 

The piano gets tuned, the recital is advertised on the SoM website, and audience members are inconvenienced when they travel to campus for an event that is not happening. Please be sure to let us know if you need to cancel!

Piano Requests

Keyboard Request Form - download form  The pianos are tuned every Friday afternoon.  If you require another piano tuning, or a harpsichord or fortepiano, the Piano Technician (Jack Lofton) must have this form one (1) month prior to your recital. Place it in his mailbox in the Main Music Office (Room 102).  Piano tunings are only scheduled for weekday recitals. 

How do I reserve a harpsichord or fortepiano?

These instruments require additional effort.  Please do the following:

  1. Fill out and turn in a Keyboard Service Request form, at least one (1) month prior to your recital. Note on the form that you’ll use a harpsichord or fortepiano, and put it in the Piano Technician’s mailbox (Jack Lofton) in the Main Music Office. Click here for the form: Keyboard Service Request Form 
  1. Contact Jack Lofton to confirm instrument availability (206-543-3514, Room 12-A, Coordinate with him on moving the harpsichord or fortepiano to and from the Auditorium for rehearsals and performance.
  2. NOTE:  The harpsichord and fortepiano are not available on weekends.  And so, when booking Brechemin for your rehearsals and recital, please book weekdays.

Recording and Tech Info

I want my recital recorded. What do I do?

  • The School does not provide audio or video recording services for personal recitals.
  • You can record your recital yourself. For audio, you may use the self-service recording equipment (CD-R and/or memory card/stick) in the recording booth. Instructions are here.
  • The School has a small pool of high-quality audio and HD video recording equipment that can be checked out on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Colin Todd ( for availability. Some of the equipment is complicated to operate and experience or instruction is recommended.
  • If you want your recital professionally recorded, see about getting a referral from the Media Maintenance Tech. Recordists typically may charge up to several hundred dollars.

NOTE: Students performing doctoral recitals are required to provide the Music Listening Library Center (MLLC) with recordings of their recitals. Check with the MLLC for current guidelines. 

Does Brechemin have a sound system?

Brechemin is NOT equipped with a sound reinforcement system. It is equipped with a stereo system (turntable, cassette player, CD player, iPod-style cable, and proscenium mounted speakers) designed to play recorded music for classes. It also has a DVD player/data projector with an analog SVGA port, and 1 wireless lapel lecture microphone.

If a live sound reinforcement system is needed for your recital, some equipment is available from the School, but no personnel. Contact the School Media Maintenance Tech (Gary Louie, Room 32, 206-543-1218, You can also arrange it from an outside source at you own expense.

How do I run the lights in Brechemin?

Preset lighting scenes and general room light controls are available on a small light panel just offstage. Custom lighting scenes can be done with the DMX light board in the backstage booth. A partial room light switch is in the entry foyer, audience right. The spotlights cannot be adjusted or aimed without a lighting technician.

For more information, contact the School Media Maintenance Tech (Gary Louie, Room 32, 206-543-1218,

How do I remove and replace the stereo and lectern?

Some students choose leave the stereo cabinet and lectern on the stage for their recitals, simply pushed to one side. If you choose to move these items off of the stage and into the wings, you must return them to the stage, ready for classes the next day – that includes plugging in the lectern if you unplug it. There are several special connectors and power plugs to deal with. If you have questions about how to do this, please speak with the Media Maintenance Tech (Gary Louie, Room 32, 206-543-1218,

What are the Brechemin specs?

There are 219 seats, and the hall is wheelchair accessible. For a detailed spec sheet, email

Recital Programs, Posters & Publicity

How do I make a recital program, and what information must be on it?

Students create their own recital program. A template is available for download here: Download Recital Program Template

You’re not required to use the template, but the following information MUST appear on your program:

  1. Your name and instrument
  2. Accompanist’s name and instrument
  3. Brechemin Auditorium (or other location if held off campus)
  4. Date and time of recital
  5. The following statement: “This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of [degree sought]. [Your name] is a student of [your teacher].”

The School of Music will make 50 free B&W copies of your program on 8.5x11 white paper. Please bring a copy of your printed program to the music main office at least 48 hours before your recital. Please note that we only make copies. We cannot print from a Word doc or PDF, you must have a physical copy already printed.

Who needs copies of my recital program?

Give one copy to your Advisor (Graduates: Brenda Banks; Undergraduates: Leann Martin, Room 116).  It goes into your permanent file and serves as partial documentation of your recital.

How do I make a recital poster or flyer, and what information must be on it?

You can get as creative as you wish, but the following information MUST appear on your poster or flyer:

  • “To request disability accommodations, contact the Disability Services Office at least ten days in advance at: (206) 543-6450 (V), (206) 543-6452 (TTY), (206) 685-7264 (FAX), or"

You are encouraged to create a poster about your recital to place around campus and the Music Building. Do not use copies of your program as flyers, as some students turn them in to their teachers to fulfill concert-going requirements.You must pay for the poster copying yourself. You may post your flier on the bulletin boards on each floor of the Music Building. 

Will the School of Music publicize my recital?

The School of Music lists student recitals upon the public website calendar upon request. If you have passed your recital juries and would like your recital to be listed on the public website calendar, please send event details to Joanne DePue ( for inclusion on the calendar.  Likewise, you MUST let her know immediately if you are cancelling your recital. We are not able to update listings on the weekends; please plan accordingly.  

Information to provide for your public website listing:

  • Name as you wish it to appear on the listing
  • Degree program
  • Primary instructor
  • Recital date, time, location
  • Program details and guest musicians (If known. This is optional)

You may also provide a headshot or copy of your recital flyer (JPEG, or PNG) to accompany the listing. 

Can I send out a press release about my recital?

Yes, but do not use official UW stationery or the logo. Do not list School of Music phone numbers as information sources, or say "The University of Washington presents…" Make it clear that the concert is a student recital. List your own phone number and e-mail as contacts for further information.


Can I have a reception in the Fishbowl Room?

Students may reserve the Fishbowl for receptions depending on availability of the room. This can be done through the online Recital Scheduling system (EMS).  If you have questions about your reservations, speak with the main office staff (

Alcohol is not permitted at student recital receptions.

Please refer to the link here to see if you need to apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit or not. Please note that this permit typically takes 2 weeks to process – so plan accordingly!

Online Food Permit information can be found here.

What if my recital doesn't take place in Brechemin?

Brechemin recitals are preferred so faculty and students can easily attend. However, you are free to arrange for an alternate location if you wish.  Please be sure to notify  ( of the date, time, and location of your recital so that it can be listed on the School of Music website calendar. In addition, we suggest that you post several flyers with the location clearly marked.

Please note: All other recital rules apply: regarding donations at recitals, publicity, recital juries, attendance at your recital by faculty, and programs.