Co-editor, Daniels' Orchestral Music, 6th edition

Co-editor, Daniels' Orchestral Music, 6th edition (slated for release in 2022). Rowman & Littlefield publishers.
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Daniels' Orchestral Music  is the gold standard among conductors, music programmers, orchestra librarians, and any other music professional - or student - seeking to research an orchestral program, whether for a single concert or a full season. Compositions cover the standard international repertoire for the orchestra; the 6th edition, slated for release in 2022, will contain over 10,000 entries. This work, used around the globe, is a must-have for orchestral professionals, whether conductors or orchestra librarians, administrators involved in artistic planning, music students considering orchestral conducting, authors of program notes, publishers and music dealers, or instructors of conducting.

Daniels' Orchestral Music online is the electronic version of this book, and is updated monthly.

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